Actress shares Young Paint mini-album

The U.K. composer is back with more experimental electro-tunes.

September 28, 2018
Actress shares <i>Young Paint</i> mini-album Young Paint (Actress) / Mehdi Lacoste

Darren Cunningham aka Actress dropped his new mini album Young Paint on Friday. Stream it down below. The project is released under the British composer's alter ego Young Paint, which is, what Actress calls, an artificially intelligent learning program.


In a statement, Actress broke down what Young Paint means, saying, "Young Paint (aka Jade Soulform aka Francis aka Generation 4 aka AZD) is a Learning Program that has been progressively emulating the Greyscale to Silvertone process Darren J. Cunningham started during the recording of the Hazyville LP on Werkdiscs in 2008."

The six-track project is highlighted by Actress's signature combination of scratchy white noise, eerie melodic chord progressions, and lo-fi percussion. Actress's last studio album came in 2017, when he released AZD.

Actress shares Young Paint mini-album