Wiz Khalifa talks Khalifa Kush’s birth, meeting Curren$y & more

He also explains the story behind his signature weed strain, Khalifa Kush, in this episode of First Times.

February 08, 2019

Wiz Khalifa has been the poster boy for stoner-rap fans for over a decade now, bringing a flavor of Pittsburgh to the world. His staying power has been proven over and over again as he easily weaves in and out of pop and hip-hop. Now, as a proud father and MMA trainee, Wiz continues to evolve but some things don't change. For example, the 2009 project he recorded with Curren$y 10 years ago finally sees the light of day today and it's a snapshot of their careers that hasn't aged a day.


While on a press run for his previous solo project, Rolling Papers 2, Wiz Khalifa stopped by The FADER to reminisce about the first girl who broke his heart after he sent her multiple love letters, the "P" chain he wore early in his career, the first batch of Khalifa Kush he burned down, and the time he met Curren$y and didn't leave for the whole summer.

Wiz's tour also kicks off tonight in Washington alongside Curren$y.

Watch the full interview above.

Listen to Wiz Khalifa's collaborative project with Curren$y 2009
Wiz Khalifa talks Khalifa Kush’s birth, meeting Curren$y & more