Kitty confirms ROSE GOLD release date, drops dismembered new single ‘disconnect’

The follow-up to 2017’s ’Miami Garden Club,’ is out April 5.

February 27, 2019

Kitty’s been far from quiet since releasing her lucid and criminally overlooked 2017 LP Miami Garden Club. Much of 2018 was taken up by a carefree EP as one half of rave-pop The Pom-Poms and a bunch of shows in her new role as a member of American Pleasure Club. And she still somehow found the time to release the electrically mellow “Recccord" as part of the Adult Swim Singles series and a minimal new single, “Watch Me,” which was slated to appear on an upcoming full-length.


Now, as APC continue their tour with Thursday, Kitty is fully back as a solo artist. “disconnect,” a glitchy new single laced with disturbing dissociative allusions, came out early this morning. It’s the latest single from the forthcoming ROSE GOLD, which she’s now confirmed is due out on April 5. As Kitty explained in an email to The FADER this morning, that is “the new moon.”

“[ROSE GOLD] is a collection of things i made over the past three years, before my last album was even finished,” she wrote. “While I was making that last album, I thought of it as a story told front-to-back; this one is very different for me.”

Kitty explained that she considered quitting music altogether after Miami Garden Club, but a few songs started to come together as she worked on video game soundtracks. “I would pretty much only show them to Sam [Ray, her husband and the lead singer in American Pleasure Club] and then forget about them. He would always encourage me to release them, but I was very nervous to until I realized the only thing keeping me from doing so was the fear of "failing" the way I thought I had with my last album — it didn't sell well. My publicist couldn't get anyone to cover it. Sam (and smoking a lot of weed) helped me realize that none of that shit matters, and the only way to fail at being an artist is to quit creating stuff. So i bailed on my whole team, and I'm just gonna release it myself. I wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed the entire thing and did all the visual stuff myself."

Of the song itself, Kitty said, “i think it's really good." Check out the Kitty-directed video for "disconnect" at the top of the page.

Kitty confirms ROSE GOLD release date, drops dismembered new single ‘disconnect’