Fetty Wap has some qualms about Space Jam 2

“There was only supposed to be one,” he says in a new installment of Would You Rather.

September 27, 2019


If you want to plan a birthday party for Fetty Wap, just make sure there’s “an abundance of weed.” In the latest installment of The FADER’s Would You Rather, the “Trap Queen” rapper turns a question about a potential hometown monument into planning the world’s first “Fetty Fucking Wap Day,” for his June 7 birthday. Just make sure there’s no 1738 there, as Fetty admits he “don’t even drink this shit like… I drink the regular Remy.”

During the segment, Fetty Wap also opened up about drunk driving, his fears for the next generation, and his dreams of being Queen Latifah’s son (“that’d be lit!”). His most passionate response though comes from the question of whether he'd rather direct a movie or star in the new Space Jam: “I’m kind of upset they’re making a Space Jam… there was only supposed to be one.” Fetty further wonders why this generation cannot just be content with their “fucking iPads and shit… Now they trying to steal fucking Space Jam? We gotta put an end to this shit.”

Fetty’s latest single, “Brand New” is out now. Listen to that below and watch the full Would You Rather video at the top of the page.

Fetty Wap has some qualms about Space Jam 2