Jessie Reyez takes a stand on U.S. immigration policy in “Far Away”

See the powerful video below.

October 05, 2019

In Jessie Reyez’ powerful video “Far Away,” the singer makes a statement about U.S. immigration policy, going up against ICE all in the name of love.


In the Peter Huang-directed video, Reyez’ distant love is waiting for papers, with flashbacks showing the couple in happier times at a party before her partner is taken in an ICE raid.

“It’s been a hundred days since I’ve kissed your face,” Reyez sings on the moody track.

The clip ends with the couple embracing each other inside a metal cage, surrounded by other couples and families in the same predicament. It makes a powerful statement about Trump’s anti-immigration agenda and families destroyed by deportation, something Reyez has been outspoken about in the past. To coincide with the video’s release, she’s even set up the website—— that features the clip alongside information about organizations that protect immigrant rights like the ACLU, Al Otro Lado, and The Florence Project.

"This is love suspended in animation, before it's tainted by reality (because eventually all hearts break again) but in this moment, neither of you are running from one another- it's only water and borders and God keeping you apart,” Reyez wrote in a statement on the website. “Water and borders and God keeping you from home. This is pre heart break; when both sets of lungs are still working and when you miss them and they miss you back- and you feel each other even when you're far away."

Watch the video above.

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Jessie Reyez takes a stand on U.S. immigration policy in “Far Away”