The 10 best new rap songs right now

Featuring Lil Baby, Princess Nokia, G Herbo, Nadia Rose, Duke Deuce, and more.

February 28, 2020
The 10 best new rap songs right now
Cyrax- Spread

Cyrax, a Virginia-based rapper dropped off a new project in Stay Active 2 this week and “Spread,” is an unapologetic banger from a different dimension. Listening for extended periods of time will have the same effect as getting up from your couch too quickly: stars forming in your peripheral vision. -Will Gendron

Duke Deuce- BHZ

The banger to non-banger ration on any given project is something sacred. Stray too far to any one side and risk boxing yourself in. Try to toe the line and risk alienating irrational fans. Enter Duke Deuce, who takes this concept and detonates it with a remote explosive. Bangers on a Deuce project carry so much force that one or two on a tape makes it seem like the whole thing is high-octane. For evidence look no further than “BHZ,” a song off Memphis Massacre 2. -WG

Nadia Rose f. Thai Chi Rosé- Backseat

This recent one from South London's Nadia Rose is good because it's such a particular brand of throwback late 90s/early 2000s R&B sound. I visualize people in long, leather black trench coats and tiny sunglasses, with ripped sweaters on. -Lawrence Burney

Lil Baby f. Lil Uzi Vert- Commercial

One of the hardest hitting songs on Lil Baby's new album, My Turn thanks to this Tay Keith beat. Also, while we wait on Eternal Atake. Uzi verses are to be especially treasured. -LB

ShooterGang Kony - Ice Skating

Hailing from Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood, 21-year old ShooterGang Kony makes music that seamlessly fluctuates between storytelling and steady bars. “Ice Skating,” puts an emphasis on the latter, with a whole section dedicated to parking fees in San Francisco. -WG

Princess Nokia- Soul Food y Adobo

Uptown NY's Princess Nokia dropped two albums this week: Everything Is Beautiful and Everything Sucks, so if you need balance in your life, she has you covered. From the former is a sweet track that details the pleasures of family gatherings and being around the people that make you feel the most at home. -LB

BBY Goyard - rob dyrdek $$$

The production on “Rob Dyrdek $$$,” handled by MixedMatches, would be convincing enough to listen to on its own and plays perfectly to BBY Goyard’s strengths. His extended hook introduces the idea of “keeping a special little thing in the bed like Simple Jack,” only to follow up with some honest reflection: “I don’t need your company, I just need my time back.” -WG

G Herbo f. Juice WRLD, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Uzi Vert- PTSD

A beautifully reflective posse cut from G Herbo's new album of the same name. Fly high Juice WRLD. -LB

Kash Doll- Wake Up

Detroit's leading lady talking her shit to the fullest extent. -LB

Flo Milli- My Attitude

I missed this one when it dropped a couple weeks ago but Alabama's Flo Milli is floating so crazy that it'd be criminal not to acknowledge it. -LB

The 10 best new rap songs right now