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Watch Dijon perform “Big Mike’s” on Fallon

The Absolutely artist brings his spectacular live show to TV.

January 27, 2022

Dijon's Absolutely was undoubtedly one of the best albums that came out last year so it's great to see him stepping things up and playing live on national TV. To make the leap look so easy though? That's a sign of greatness. On Wednesday night Dijon and his band delivered an instantly memorable performance of Absolutely track "Big Mike's." In the clip, which you can see above, Dijon and the crew sit around desks and blast through the song in raw and unfiltered fashion. All six of them are facing one another, so the viewer feels more like they're peering in on a moment between friends than being performed for. It's loose and relaxed, but still retains enough tension for a freak out towards the end to feel cathartic. Capturing a moment of magic is pretty tricky on late night TV, but it looks like Dijon, who is on tour throughout 2022, just did it. If you like what you see then be sure to check out Dijon's enlightening appearance on The FADER Interview podcast.

Watch Dijon perform “Big Mike’s” on Fallon