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Chip Tha Ripper, “Out Here” (Prod. by Lex Luger) MP3

Today, Cleveland rapper Chip Tha Ripper’s Tell Ya Friends mixtape dropped, and it’s a strong release overall. An easy standout, though, is the Lex Luger-produced “Out Here,” which proves to be another perfect track in … read more »

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Black Dice, “Pigs” MP3

For probably like 75% of readers of this site and I think everyone writing for it, Black Dice have been making/breaking music more than half of our lives. 15 years in, they’re releasing their sixth … read more »

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Stream: Julia Holter, “Marienbad”

Imagine you grew up listening to nothing but experimental folk records, classical recordings and ambient albums on constant loop, and then imagine you managed to find a way to insert yourself into the discussion of … read more »

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Picture 6

FADER Picks Some Gems on the Third Episode of MTV2′s 120 Minutes

Check out the third installment of MTV2′s new and improved 120 Minutes, featuring FADER’s editor-in-chief, Matthew Schnipper. Right from his desk, Schnipper tells you why our picks—Zola Jesus, Stacy Barthe and Bleached—should make their way … read more »

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By the Numbers: Danny Brown’s XXX

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits and primary colors. This week, we look at Danny Brown’s free album XXX, released this Monday by … read more »

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Sleep ∞ Over, “Romantic Streams” MP3

There’s a little breakdown about halfway through Sleep ∞ Over‘s immaculate tragi-jam “Romantic Streams.” For a second it sounds like polite applause, but almost immediately the crowd blurs together and spirals down a lonely shower … read more »

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Girls, “Vomit” MP3

Here’s the first new song off Girls‘ upcoming album Father, Son, Holy Ghost, out September 13th on True Panther. It’s called “Vomit,” and it starts off slowly strummed and dire, an ever-respectable Chris Owens repeating … read more »

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balam acab

Stream: Balam Acab, “Apart”

The shape of the Soundcloud waveform for Balam Acab‘s “Apart” spoils its bass drop surprise a little bit. The track winkingly begins with 30 seconds of fuzzy near-silence, so you’re maxing out your headphones trying … read more »

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Jhene Aiko, “Do Better Blues Part 2″ (Marvins Room Remix) MP3

Last year, Drake was involved in the sonic pile-on for Chris Brown’s “Deuces,” a song that everyone seemed to want a piece of. It brought out plenty of big guns, not to mention some amazing … read more »

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Caveman “Old Friend” MP3

Sometimes it’s just nice to hear some really pretty, mellow rock. All the parts are where they should be, there aren’t any tricks or avant-gimmicks. Which isn’t to say that Caveman’s “Old Friend” is any … read more »

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