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Stream: Gatekeeper, “Imperatrix”

Have you ever watched a Hollywood battle scene set in the gladiator era that ratcheted up the suspense and terror of the action using electronic beats? Did you ever willfully overlook the absurd anachronism of … read more »

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Stream ADR’s Chunky Monkey album

Not long ago, Cluster Mag’s Brad Troemel wrote a very interesting piece about the state of contemporary counter-culture called “The End of Us Versus Them,” noting a trend toward “hyper-corporate” posturing among a certain subset … read more »

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Stream: ADR, “Stray Dog Strut”

Listening to ADR’s forthcoming Chunky Monkey LP, there’s kind of no knowing what Gatekeeper member Aaron David Ross is going to throw at you next. “Slush Fund,” the first single, shot jazz elements like flute … read more »

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Stream: ADR, “Slush Fund”

Lite FM flute, drum & bass rhythms, and digitally glitched vocal scat come together quite swimmingly on this latest missive from ADR, the solo project of Gatekeeper’s Aaron David Ross, whose Chunky Monkey debut is … read more »

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