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Hear Ex-Abe Vigoda Trio Roses’ New Song, “The Fog”

FADER PREMIERE I remember being a teenager and reading online about the shows at all-ages downtown LA haven The Smell and really, really wanting to go. From my East Coast bedroom, I pictured it as … read more »

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Abe Vigoda’s Daytrotter Session

Hey, isn’t this great? Abe Vigoda did a Daytrotter Session! It’s perfect for them, really. They put out an intense album last year called Crush and it was brutal in romance, so many synthesized emotions … read more »

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Abe Vigoda, “Repeating Angel” MP3

Feel like we go to high school with Abe Vigoda, growing and progressing with them through the phases of musical taste, uncovering sounds we love and feeling so excited about it. Their latest album from … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: December 5, 2010 Edition

*We announced our brand new annual NOW issue featuring Lykke Li, Lil B & Young L, Odd Future, and Jamie XX. FADER #71 hits real and digital newsstands December 14th! *We started counting down to … read more »

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Juan Vigoda

Who Knew We Were So Hot for Juan Vigoda

We’ve always thought Juan Vigoda (Juan Velasquez) was really cute. Like, a rager with an awesome smile, totally weird and fun to be around. Maybe not as cute as Reggie, but that’s our thing and … read more »

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The Tripwire: Loving Abe Vigoda’s New Album Crush

The last couple years have seen indie rock coverage fall victim to some of the laziness and shortcuts that are plaguing mainstream news coverage of election season: namely, the reliance on easily digested, occasionally trite … read more »

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Video: Abe Vigoda, “Throwing Shade”

Have you guys listened to the Abe Vigoda album yet? It’s really good, and a departure from their previous stuff in a totally natural way. “Throwing Shade” is a pretty perfect way to figure out … read more »

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Stream: Abe Vigoda’s Album Crush

When the Abe Vigoda dudes released the Reviver EP, it was clear that they’d been doing some moping around in the LA sun. Or maybe they were just chilling, listening to mopey music and having … read more »

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Listen: Abe Vigoda, "Throwing Shade"

Abe Vigoda never stay in one place for long. When the LA-based tropical punk outfit first broke through two years ago with Skeleton, they were a band with a sound all their own. But they … read more »


Abe Vigoda, “Throwing Shade” MP3

Have Abe Vigoda been chilling at goth dance clubs for the last couple years? They almost sound like a different band, except all the stuff we loved about them in the first place is still … read more »

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