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Work in Progress: An Oral History of Philip Glass

Over the course of his decades-long career, Philip Glass has cast a wide net of friends and collaborators. From his start as the art world’s musical darling, composing minimalist works in lofts in the ’70s, … read more »

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Video: LCD Soundsystem, “Bye Bye Bayou”

Suicide frontman Alan Vega originally recorded “Bye Bye Bayou” in 1980. In this video for LCD Soundsystem’s cover, it looks like they traveled to that year, got a luded-out NYU film undergrad to shoot the … read more »

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LCD Soundsystem, “Bye Bye Bayou” MP3

James Murphy covered a song by Suicide’s Alan Vega and it sounds like a disco swamp in a rainstorm. But then maybe we’re just influenced by the cover art—props to the makeup artist, that shade … read more »

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