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NYC’s Young Creatives Put on Their Own Art Show

On Tuesday night, the grungy Niagara Bar off of Tompkins Square Park in NYC’s East Village was overflowing with visitors to see Temporary Accommodations, a one-night art show that featured work from 10 interesting young … read more »

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Drake Perfects the #Artselfie at James Turrell Show

Gallerist points out that, following a visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art yesterday, Drake posted three consecutive Instagram photos of himself at the space’s James Turrell retrospective, striking a series of statuesque, … read more »

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Interview: Jayson Musson

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Jayson Musson a renaissance man. For over a decade, the New York-born, Philadelphia-educated artist has had his hand in every contemporary creative medium, from his 2007 “Black Like Me” … read more »

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Creative Agency: OKFocus, to.be and The Jogging

Three groups pushing the boundaries of art and business From the magazine: ISSUE 89, December 2013/January 2014 For years, creative agencies shaped the look and feel of commerce from entirely behind the scenes, like ad … read more »

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Interview: Alex Da Corte

Artist Alex Da Corte talks the politics of shopping and the mischief of pop See Alex Da Corte’s Essentials page:FADER ISSUE 88 If you have ever been to a supermarket, you know the value of … read more »

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Video Game Art Thing at Centre Pompidou (Mostly, Look at This Poster)

We’re pretending to read more French than we really can, but it looks like this says Studio 13/16 at Centre Pompidou is a museum space devoted teenagers, and starting Saturday and ending in late March, … read more »


Q+A: Brian Chippendale On His New Book If ‘n Oof

Chances are, you’re probably familiar with Brian Chippendale because he is the drummer in the spastic art/noise/punk group Lightning Bolt. Or maybe you know him from the Fort Thunder art collective that grew out of … read more »

aaron rose

Aaron Rose’s iPhone Movie is a Heartbreaker

Aaron Rose, the grand don, definitive dude of Beautiful Losers/ ANP Quarterly /Alleged Gallery made three short iPhone vids for Incase. The last one is called Vagabondage: it’s Aaron on the road, Paris-Berlin-Prague, moving between … read more »

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Inside Drake's Thank Me Later Liner Notes

The FADER‘s weekly visual accompaniment to a random tidbit of information takes on Drake’s Thank Me Later liner notes. Drake’s gratitude is way too much just for two pages, neatly text-wrapped around a photo of … read more »

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LA: Melissa Brown and Matt Brinkman Opening at M+B Gallery

Not to get all economy schmaconomy blah blah blah on you, but this show of lizardoid doomsday monsters and architectural forms fashioned from lottery tickets takes on special significance considering, you know, the whole wage … read more »

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