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Interview: Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari’s character Tom on Parks and Recreation is a known fashion fan, buying all his clothes from the little boys department at Brooks Brothers and wearing LED belt buckles. But Ansari loves style in … read more »

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Aziz Ansari Watches the Throne

Past FADER contributor and Parks and Recreation star, Aziz Ansari, has taken his love for Jay-Z and Kanye West to a new level. A cameo in the “Otis” video and his Parks and Rec character … read more »

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Tent Posts: An Interview With Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti is one of our all time favorite comediennes, and we were lucky to meet up with her down in Tennessee in between sets at the Budweiser Troo Music Lounge, where the festival of … read more »

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Premiere: Bobby Birdman, “Only For Awhile (White Rainbow’s Want it/Get it RMX)” MP3

Leave it to White Rainbow, aka Portland’s Adam Forkner, to warp his pal Bobby Birdman‘s soothing voice into a chaotic splat of air horns and Lil Jon “WHAT?!” samples. Forkner always seems to be riding … read more »

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What’s that old adage, the funniest comedy is 50% true? Even though half the rappers RAAAAAANDY aka Aziz Ansari calls out in this track are rumored to be on these two dudes’ forthcoming mixtape (shhh!), … read more »

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Aziz Ansari Has a New Mixtape with Dave Sitek, Doesn’t Let Us Do a Drop

Well it’s actually Raaaaaaaandy‘s new mixtape, for which he promises more details are forthcoming. When we heard about this, we called him up and were like YO DUDE CAN WE DO AN AWESOME DROP AND … read more »

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Aziz Ansari Daggers a Filet of Salmon

The best thing that could have ever happened in our entertainment/hilarity zone was Skerrit Bwoy and Aziz Ansari meeting. As proof of this non-hypothesis: Skerrit filmed Aziz backstage at one of his NYC shows this … read more »

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Aziz Ansari Makes an iTunes Playlist, Doesn’t Mention FADER

What the fuck dude? Thought we had something!!!?? [Ed. This is getting weird.]

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Aziz Ansari Talks Up Skerrit Bwoy Pon De Jimmy Kimmel Show

Our worlds got a little smaller the other night when Aziz Ansari—comedian, actor and author of our current issue’s interview with Animal Collective—went on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and talked about Diplo—producer, DJ, Twitterer and … read more »

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Watch the Greatest R Kelly Impression on Late Night TV of All Time

This is perhaps the only R Kelly impression on late night TV, but if you’ve ever seen R Kelly in concert (or even if you haven’t), you’ll know that Aziz Ansari’s impression of Kellz on … read more »

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