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Learn How to Cut an Avocado with Babe Rainbow (and Hear His New Song)

FADER PREMIERE Vancouver experimental producer Babe Rainbow used to make agitated soundscapes for Warp that pin-balled between high tension and tender release, his most recent being 2011′s Endless Path EP. Three years on—following time on … read more »


How to Dress Well: Loss Leader

How to Dress Well turns the blues into gold. Stepping out of a minivan in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Tom Krell looks a little dazed. He’s spent most of the day behind the wheel, zigzagging back down … read more »

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Download How To Dress Well’s Live Yourself Mixtape

How To Dress Well’s Live Yourself Mixtape is bookended by TOTAL LOSS, which is both the title of his forthcoming LP and an attitudinal position, as if everything this this man touches must be cast … read more »

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Stream: Soft Riot, “You Can’t Please Everyone” (Babe Rainbow Refix)

It’s no secret that Vancouver’s Babe Rainbow likes to make things weird. When you start with a track that’s all sinister vocals and ’80s slasher movie synths, it’s not hard to do. His remix of … read more »

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Download Babe Rainbow’s “Greed” Remix EP

Babe Rainbow’s Greed Remix EP, a collection of seven versions of a track the electronic producer made with Yung Clova of G-Side, is a beast unto itself. Taken as a whole, it sounds like what … read more »

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Babe Rainbow f. Yung Clova, “Greed (LOL Boys Remix)” MP3

Even if you heard the original version of Canadian producer Babe Rainbow’s collaboration with Huntsville’s Yung Clova of G-Side, this remix by the LOL Boys will sound completely new. While the original took on a … read more »

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The Let Out: Babe Rainbow

In case you forgot, FADER’s The Let Out on East Village Radio has moved to Tuesdays. It’s still the exact same time though! 6-8PM EST, aka the time when East Coasters are ending work and … read more »

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Adult Swim’s Unclassified Compilation f. Burial, SBTRKT and Zomby MP3

Television channel Adult Swim and automaker Scion have released an 18 track compilation of “rare and unreleased” mostly-UK future music. It’s called Unclassified, it’s free and its producer list is actually pretty staggering: Burial, SBTRKT, … read more »

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Porcelain Raft, “Talk to Me” (Pierce & Pierce’s Epilogue Remix) MP3

Porcelain Raft’s “Talk to Me” is one of the most epic bummer songs ever. Actually, that’s not entirely the truth. It’s definitely a sad song, but there’s still some little bit of hope left in … read more »

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Grimes, “Crystal Ball” (Babe Rainbow Remix) MP3

Is it just us or does it sound like Grimes is chanting Last.FM for a good portion of this song? Probably just us! If only we had another three or four minutes to figure it … read more »

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