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Stream: The 2 Bears, “Be Strong (Simon Ratcliffe of Basement Jaxx Dub)”

Basement Jaxx’s Simon Ratcliffe has remixed The 2 Bears’ “Be Strong,” an approachable but not hugely affecting house song with lyrics about music obsession and protecting the integrity of your tastes. There’s an extended thank-you … read more »

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New Basement Jaxx is Horrifyingly Good

Here’s the climactic track from Basement Jaxx‘s debut as film score composers, taken from Joe Cornish’s upcoming action-comedy Attack the Block. The film looks something like a South London Shaun of the Dead, and it’s … read more »

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Basement Jaxx Dracula

Stream: Basement Jaxx, “Dracula”

Not gonna lie, a couple years ago we kind of hit a breaking point with dance music that sounded like getting drunk and then punched in the face by the drink over and over. It’s … read more »

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New Lightspeed Champion Album Coming February 16th

It has two intermissions! Two! read more »

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Jan van Nuenen’s Thorny Animation for Basement Jaxx

If you’re not going to any of Basement Jaxx‘s European tour dates for their new album Scars (which drops today), you can at least simulate the experience by watching this old-school trippy “visual” (yeah we … read more »

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Stream: Crookers f. Kelis, “No Security”

What with the epic “Scars” with Basement Jaxx and this sparkly dubstep joint from our Milano party brethren Crookers, we’re impressed by Kelis‘ sudden ubiquity, having just popped a kid and gotten divorced and all. … read more »

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Basement Jaxx f. Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk, “Scars” MP3

It’s sort of like Basement Jaxx plugged prog, dubstep and Stankonia-era jeep beats in a blender for this one, but then Basement Jaxx have been their own feisty little Osterizers for a fiery minute now. … read more »

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Basement Jaxx Releases New Video and Soon New Album

If this album sounds like the video looks, you won’t be a virgin much longer. What? Whatever. read more »

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Regarding Further Signs of an Imminent Apocalypse…

Earth hiccups. read more »

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Video: Basement Jaxx, “Raindrops”

Summer of Love Alert! Besides antidepressant standbys Basement Jaxx making “Raindrops” a very pop-oriented, in-sync-with-lo-fi-movement explosion of joy, they employed some dancers for their video to don faux “tribal” body paint and interpret some post-Josephine … read more »