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Cop a Look: Sade

Shape-shifting pop stars of the moment could stand to learn a thing or two about the power of simplicity. Enter Sade, queen of timeless sophistication and the biggest case-maker for a less-is-more aesthetic. An alumnus … read more »

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Capsule Tradeshow: A Pick of the Best Men’s Gear

Yesterday concluded Capsule Tradeshow, the bi-annual smorgasbord of men’s clothing that overtakes Manhattan over the course of two days. It’s an overwhelming affair, five full studios filled with racks of wool suits and knit shawl-collared … read more »

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Cop A Look: The Style Council

The mod, punk and new wave archetypes of 1980s England come up time and time again as fashion inspiration, but The Style Council, as a band, had a unique look that set them apart from … read more »

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Dutch Rhythm Combo f. Isa GT, “Alerta” MP3

Does Colombia have an equivalent to Nueva York’s ESG? If not, Isa GT (now residing in London) and Dutch Rhythm Combo might need to apply with this track’s minimal discofunk rhythms and cool-but-not-too-cool vocals. Isa … read more »

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Contest + Podcast: Win Tickets to See Caspa, Benga, Hudson Mohawke & Cubic Zirconia

Those of you familiar with all variants of bass music probably know at least one of the artists on this bill, but if not: this will be a low-end throbbing brain-cave of dubstep, subwoofer and … read more »

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Kidz in the Hall, “Flickin’ (Nick Catchdubs & Proper Villains RMX)” MP3

Hey, it’s garage and funky! Or plain old frickin bass music—whatever you people wanna call it. (Does Wiley need to intervene?) A little hip-house vibe in there, too, towards the middle, which is so very … read more »

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DJ Donna Summer, “Raw” MP3

To coincide with that crazy DJ Donna Summer video we posted last week previewing his new EP (out today), here’s the title track, in “320″ version because we know you people love high quality mp3s … read more »

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ID & Baobinga, Bass Music Sessions MP3s

If you’re wondering what’s been going on in the UK outside the beat-hub of London, here’s a slice: Bass Music Blog dudes Baobinga and ID have apparently just been chilling and/or making completely ridiculous dance … read more »

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AC Slater, “Play the Record Again” MP3

Think of this as both a hot bass banger and a bona fide pisstake, with a sample from an anti-rave stand-up routine by um, Henry Rollins of all people, that is way funnier when inserted … read more »

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