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Stream Battles’ Dross Glop Remix Album

It’s a point of fact right now that we’ve reached some sort of internet remix saturation point. It’s like not a single song can exist without a selection of alternate interpretations. In the right hands, … read more »

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Stream Gang Gang Dance and Hudson Mohawke’s Remixes of Battles

It’s been a weird odyssey for Battles, whose music started out very much in the “math rock” camp, with last year’s stellar Gary Newman-featuring, mostly vocals-having Gloss Drop landing somewhere just this side of danceable. … read more »

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Stream: Battles, “White Electric” (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

The cool thing about Battles is that although their music is distinct and hyper-complicated, it still manages to be open to interpretation. The band and their label, Warp, obviously know this just as well as … read more »

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Stream: Battles, “Sweetie & Shag (The Field Remix)”

Battles have unveiled the first pair of tracks in a four-part vinyl series of remixes of their 2011 album Gloss Drop. The first 12″ record, set for physical and digital release February 7th on Warp, … read more »

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ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror USA Mixtape

On September 30th and going through October 2nd, All Tomorrow’s Parties takes over New Jersey. Watch out Chris Christie! This edition of the festival is curated by Portishead, and the lineup includes everyone from them … read more »

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Video: Battles f. Gary Numan, “My Machines”

Directorial duo DANIELS bka Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert studied 3D Animation together at college in Boston. For their Creators Project-commissioned “My Machines” video, they treated a real man as a moving cartoon, tumbling him … read more »

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Video: Battles f. Matias Aguayo, “Ice Cream”

One of the coolest things about listening to Battles’ Gloss Drop is how it makes you feel crazily smart without being boring. It may be full of technical fireworks. Lots of stop-start instrumental moments and … read more »

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Stream: Battles, “Ice Cream”

What happens when you get a bunch of math rock music nerds together in a Providence, RI studio? They’re gonna battle it out. Battles is back with their second album, Gloss Drop. They’ve lost Tyondai … read more »

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Warp20 New York Dates and Artists Confirmed

Remember when the word ‘multimedia’ was everywhere ten years ago? It was. read more »

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Battles' Tyondai Braxton Dropping Solo Album

Streamsville. read more »