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At Home With: Beach Fossils

Dustin Payseur proposed to his girlfriend, a manager at his band Beach Fossil’s label Captured Tracks, over the holidays. When we visited the tidy Greenpoint apartment last week where he lives with his now-fiancée, there … read more »

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Stream: Beach Fossils, “Generational Synthetic”

In the best moments of Beach Fossils’ 2010 debut, frontman and chief songwriter Dustin Payseur skillfully melded lyrical guitars, post-punk bass lines and deadpan vocals. The stripped-down songs were often uncomplicated, always catchy, and just … read more »

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Stream: Beach Fossils, “Careless”

To judge from their 2010, self-titled debut, Beach Fossils are already well past the point in the Brooklyn indie rock narrative where a band’s members wake up one day and realize that the production is … read more »

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Zachary Cole Smith’s mother was a Vogue editor, and he grew up in Connecticut where her boyfriend taught him to play guitar as a weapon against boredom. It’s certainly one way to get into making … read more »

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heavenly beat

Stream: Heavenly Beat, “Tradition”

I wore jean shorts to work for the first time today, the fitting garb for listening to Beach Fossils bassist John Pena’s solo project, Heavenly Beat. “Tradition” is the second single from his debut LP, … read more »

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Stream: Heavenly Beat, “Faithless”

Heavenly Beat is the solo project of Beach Fossil’s John Pena, described in a super-adept pun by Oh My Rockness as “piña colada pop.” Pena sings about being hurt inside and out, but the party … read more »

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Fashion’s Night Out: The Set List

Today, September 8th, the storm that is Fashion’s Night Out hits New York. With over a thousand stores participating this year and diehard shoppers swarming the streets, shit is bound to get a little crazy. … read more »

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The Wake

The Wake Are The Most Influential Band Of All Time (Just Kidding Sort Of)

The first single Glasgow-based band The Wake ever released had two amazing songs on it: “On Our Honeymoon” and “Give Up.” On both tracks, the bass is dominant, powering the rest of the track forward … read more »

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Video: The Wake, “Crush the Flowers”

Crossing time and space with this one, but everything feels super here, three decades and an ocean focused like a pin prick fired from the blonde’s despair-stare. Portland’s Wooden Lens produced the video (in the … read more »

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Beach Fossils, Woven Bones and The Beets @ Bruar Falls

Woven Beet Fossils Wacky waving danger bass Four dollar amber Photos and video fantasia after the jump!

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