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Night Slugs Boiler Room

Night Slugs Share Manifesto: “We want people to break rules.”

UK CLUB LABEL CELEBRATES SIXTH BIRTHDAY BY SHARING GUIDELINES FOR RESHAPING CLUB MUSIC London label Night Slugs has made a habit of turning the club space inside out. In 2010, when UK club music was … read more »

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Listen to Bok Bok’s Mischievous “Da Foxtrot”

FADER PREMIERE You can’t stop…. dancing, whispers a mystery singer on the intro to Night Slugs co-founder Bok Bok‘s “Da Foxtrot” from his new EP Your Charizmatic Self, which also features that seamless Kelela collaboration. … read more »

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Video: Bok Bok feat. Kelela, “Melba’s Call”

The fusion of the organic (her voice) and the steely unnatural (her beats) has always been part of the thrill of Kelela’s music, and a new video for a collaboration between her and Night Slugs’ … read more »

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Bok Bok Feat. Kelela Melba's Call

Stream: Bok Bok f. Kelela, “Melba’s Call”

South London’s Bok Bok is one of the grime DJs making the Night Slugs label and its affiliate artists one of the more reliably interesting corners of the contemporary dance music world. His latest out-there … read more »

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Download Kelela’s Debut Mixtape, Cut 4 Me

This morning, Kelela released her debut mixtape, Cut 4 Me, a collaboration with Kingdom, Girl Unit, Jam City and other producers from the Fade To Mind/Night Slugs contingent. Stream the tape below in its 13-track … read more »

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Download Total Freedom’s Opening Ceremony Mix

Ashland Mines bka Total Freedom—who was featured as a part of Fade to Mind in our current story on electronic labels—has crafted a stellar mix for Opening Ceremony. Fans of Night Slugs will rejoice over … read more »

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Download Fade to Mind’s FADER Mix

In FADER #77’s story Four on the Floor, we looked at a quartet of electronic and dance labels based in the states that are truly finding their own renewed themes. Though disco, house and techno … read more »

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Walton’s FADER Mix MP3

The first ten minutes of Walton‘s FADER mix pass by in a state of relative (UK) funky calm. It’s deftly blended bass work, but the early tones are somewhere near pleasant, nothing hugely jolting. Then … read more »

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Bok-Bok’s FACT Mix MP3

On March 4th of this year Bok Bok wrote “BUSY BUSY” on his Myspace, which seemed as big an understatement then as it does now. It’s getting pretty deep in 2k10.0, but it feels like … read more »

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Video Premiere: Cubic Zirconia, “Hoes Come Out at Night” & Night Slugs Test Pressing Giveaway

Not that we’re still mad about wasting six years of our lives on Lost or anything (cough), but Cubic Zirconia‘s Tiombe Lockhart being birthed fully formed from an adult female would have been a way … read more »

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