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Blludd Relations

Dollars to Pounds: Blludd Relations

Selim Bulut is a music writer who lives in Manchester. He has the most meticulously organized iTunes folder in the land. He’ll be writing about some of the excellent music coming out of the UK … read more »

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Stream: Vondelpark, “California Analog Dream” & Bullion Remix

Vondelpark’s “California Analog Dream” has been floating around for a little while now, but its inclusion on Seabed, their debut LP for R&S (out April 2nd), feels right. It’s a composed, almost rigid-sounding track that … read more »

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Bullion art

Premiere Stream: Bullion, “Magic Was Ruler”

Totally got tricked this morning. We opened our eyes, noticed it was sunny and for a hot minute legitimately thought that Summer was here. Unfortunately, we were proven drastically wrong while standing there waiting for … read more »

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Stream: Bullion, “Too Right”

UK producer Bullion‘s “Too Right” is coming out on one sided vinyl only, probably because it is is made up of a lot of samples that would be hard to clear for anything more official. … read more »

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Pinglewood’s Ariel Pink Podcast MP3

Our friend and columnist Scott Wright aka Mr Pinglewood is inaugurating his new podcast series with a special episode devoted to the one and only Ariel Pink. Pink was kind enough to join in, doing … read more »

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Young Turks’ Mixtape for Wow Magazine

One of our favorite labels, Young Turks is home to bigger folks like El Guincho and The XX and a host of new dudes like Kwes, Bullion and Sampha. This mixtape the label made for … read more »

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Bullion Fact Mix MP3

We were recently introduced to the idea of “lovestep,” a new British genre that basically sounds like Sade with more bass. To be honest, we haven’t given the genre too much of a chance yet … read more »

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Bullion, Mixed Up In Love II Mix MP3

As if he decided that there was no better place to be than sad, stoned and alone in Philadelphia in 1978, UK producer Bullion‘s Mixed Up In Love mix is his low-toned predecessors all lumped … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Paul White and Bullion

This week we have exclusive mixes from Brit beatheads Paul White and Bullion who both sprung from little London label One-Handed Music, which sounds like a joke about the autoerotic nature of esoteric instrumental hip-hop. … read more »

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Dear Winter, Eat It

We’ve had just about enough of this seeing-your-breath/feeling-your-soul-ebb bullshit that has been New York City weather since October, and we’ve done everything we can to be nice and post summer songs only as wishful thinking. … read more »

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