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Bonnaroo 2014 lineup

Bonnaroo Announces 2014 Lineup, Tickets On Sale Saturday 2/22

Bonnaroo recently released their 2014 lineup, and as usual, it’s a sprawling affair. Kanye, Jack White, Disclosure, Frank Ocean, Cass McCombs, and many many many other artists have signed on to play the large-scale festival … read more »

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Video: Cass McCombs and Karen Black, “Brighter!”

On his album, Big Wheel and Others, filled with touching songs, none is more so than the one Cass McCombs recorded with cult actress Karen Black called “Brighter!” It’s the second such song he’s made … read more »

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Stream: Cass McCombs f. Karen Black, “Brighter!”

When actress Karen Black died last month from cancer, there were a few especially bright moments from her career that we turned to for solace—her performances are so alive in 1970s films like Five Easy … read more »

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Stream: Cass McCombs, “There Can Only Be One”

Cass McCombs—indie’s itinerant country-western revivalist, someday winner of a lifetime achievement award and the maker of some of this decade’s best protest songs—will release his seventh album, Big Wheel and Others, on October 15th via … read more »

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Daily Inspiration: Cass McCombs, “Bradley Manning”

A day after Bradley Manning was found guilty of 19 of 21 charges—acquitted of the grotesquely trumped-up “aiding the enemy,” but still guilty of espionage and theft for leaking documents to WikiLeaks—seems like a good … read more »

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Footnotes: Dev Hynes and Ariel Rechtshaid

Dev Hynes, as the producer of Solange’s EP, and Ariel Rechtshaid, as co-producer of Vampire Weekend’s album, have built up their names to be nearly as big as our cover stars, mainly while working behind … read more »

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Stream: Cass McCombs, “If You Loved Me Before…”

Cass McCombs is a master of taking rock-bottom emotions and wrapping them up in beautiful melodies and luminous production. But he also has this way of throwing something subtly grating in the mix—like a drum … read more »

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Video: Cass McCombs, “Robin Egg Blue”

This very homemade looking video could easily be called “My Vacation” or “My Very First iMovie,” but it’s actually the Tres H. Zour-directed offering for Cass McCombs’ “Robin Egg Blue.” Here we see collaged footage … read more »

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Letters to The FADER

This week, we started sharing features from our brand new Spring Style issue, FADER #78, online. Below, we’ve collected some reactions to our previous issue, FADER #77. Have something to say? Write us at letters@thefader.com. … read more »

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A couple of years ago, Charles Hamilton was on the cover of the Now issue, FADER’s annual, year-end look forward amidst many other publications’ navel-gazing looks back. Hamilton, who in 2009 had heavy buzz and … read more »

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