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Stream: Zs, “Bump (Zebrablood Remix)”

This year, longrunning Brooklyn avant-improv unit Zs regrouped as the trio of founding member and sax player Sam Hillmer, guitarist Patrick Higgins, and former Liturgy drummer Greg Fox; they also released Score, a Northern Spy-released … read more »

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Chief Boima f. Sorie Kondi, “Without Money, No Family” MP3

Last year, Dutty Artz-affiliate Chief Boima released an EP called African By the Bay, a collection of rap tracks refashioned through an Afro dance lens. Since, he’s relocated from San Francisco to New York and … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: Liberia’s Lone Stars

Last week Liberia voted for its next president. While the rest of the world praises the current president and candidate, “Ma” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, most of the Liberian youth feels completely left out. And based … read more »

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Ghetto Palms: Chief Boima x Okayafrica

EARTH PEOPLE. You may recall I used to do a weekly column round here titled Ghetto Palms. But lately, Ghetto Palms has been on a bit of a tropical vacation, while I’ve been chasing the … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 127: Jillionaire / TOK / Poirier / Schlachthofbronx / Swappi / Soca Rave / Exclusives!!

While I was digging into the green revolution in Detroit, the ghetto palms world kept right on spinning, so here is a quick catch-up: about the time NY was getting into Christmas bashment, Brazil set … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 122: Chief Boima / Banana Clipz / Champeta!

Several things happened in the Ghetto Archipelago recently that caught my ear/mind. For instance: the University of the West Indies held a conference on cloud computing to float the idea of transforming the whole Caribbean … read more »

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Download Oro 11 and Chief Boima’s Banana Clipz EP

Last week we anticipated this seven song EP from Banana Clipz, a project from the sometimes-Oakland stationed production duo Oro 11 and Chief Boima. We also got a little stiff thinking about how pale we … read more »

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Banana Clipz f. Los Rakas, “Afro Latino” MP3 + Mega-Mini Mix

As fans of our weekly Ghetto Palms column may know by now, Banana Clipz, the production duo of Chief Boima and Oro 11, have a new EP coming out on November 29th for free on … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 111: Ghetto Bassquake / Hackney Empire / New Label / Exclusive Interview!

I’m not saying things didn’t happen in the last week or two. Oh, they happened. But I am going to forgo my usual “things happened” update to concentrate on the ripples of one particular stone … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 110: Theophilus / Highlife / El Guincho / Indie-Trop

This column was never just about dancehall, but it has maybe failed to touch on one of the most exciting things about the whole field of tropical music that I’ve been romping about in. Namely, … read more »

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