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Stream: Cold Cave, “A Little Death To Laugh”

Following last year’s sharp-angled Cherish the Light Year LP, Cold Cave mastermind Wes Eisold has reportedly reconfigured the morose electronic project as a four-some, with AFI’s Hunter Burgan, Samhain’s London May and Blood Brother’s Cody … read more »

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GEN F: Bleached

Jennifer and Jessie Clavin are cooler than you. “I have a really bad problem where, like, I shouldn’t be skateboarding anymore,” Jessie says. “I broke an ankle, I cracked my head open, but once I … read more »

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GEN F: Cold Cave

Wes Eisold doesn’t like to do interviews because he doesn’t think he’s particularly good at communicating. “I don’t want to feel guilty when people invest in me,” he says. “I don’t want to let them … read more »

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Cold Cave album cover

Cold Cave, “The Great Pan is Dead” MP3

If Cold Cave‘s last record Love Comes Close was about moping and wallowing (with the occasional semi-joyful moment) then “The Great Pan is Dead” and by extension their upcoming Cherish the Light Years is what … read more »

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Premiere: Cold Cave, “Life Magazine (Delorean Remix)” MP3

This is the last of a plethora of remixes of Cold Cave‘s serious jingle “Life Magazine.” Their brightest song, it’s only appropriate that they’ve enlisted the constant sunshine of Spain’s Delorean for a remix. Delorean … read more »

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Contest: Win Tickets to See Cold Cave Thursday April 29th in NYC

Have you seen Cold Cave live yet? No? Shit is jamming. It is legit pop music! You will probably sing along. We’ve got a couple tickets to give away to their show tomorrow night, April … read more »

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Cold Cave, “Life Magazine (Arthur Baker RMX)” MP3

Hello! “Life Magazine” has been on heavy rotation for months, and we haven’t gotten tired of its synth melody one bit. But, um, Arthur Baker molded and manhandled the so-familiar synth melody into what could … read more »

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Cold Cave, “Life Magazine (Pantha Du Prince Remix)” MP3

When you burn damp firewood, it pops as the moisture evaporates. It’s a pleasant noise, and it’s essentially the same as the drum sound on which Pantha Du Prince has backed his remix of Cold … read more »

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The Official Pool Tradeshow Opening Party

Dudes! Cold Cave! Telepathe! Memory Tapes! Open Bar until 11! Bobby Evans DJing! RSVP!

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Cold Cave's New Video For "Life Magazine" an Extension of The Album Cover

Might you fancy a trip down Memory Lane with the likes of Cremaster? Not as wonky as it sounds! Instead the above clip for Cold Cave‘s new “Life Magazine” video is as fetching as that song is … read more »

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