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Download Com Truise’s New Check Yo Ponytail Mixtape

New Jersey producer Com Truise is returning to Los Angeles tomorrow night for a second sold-out appearance at Echo Park’s Check Yo Ponytail party, which is notorious for being so fun that it usually takes … read more »

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Stream: Sky Ferreira, “Red Lips (Com Truise Remix)”

On “Red Lips,” which was co-written with Shirley Mansion, singer/actor/model Sky Ferreira tries on the grunge-girl persona. Terry Richardson’s video for the track captures her in the kind of heavy eye makeup that makes a … read more »

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Video: Com Truise, “Brokendate”

With “Brokendate,” directed by Will Joines, you really feel like Com Truise got the cinematic sci-fi video he deserved, the actual visual corollary to the soundscape painted in his songs, replete with glowing wireframe pyramids, … read more »

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Com Truise “Brokendate” MP3

In honor of having to bump up his album’s digital release date due to some shady internet shenanigans, Com Truise has opted to also give away the aptly titled track, “Brokendate.” Luckily, he hasn’t broken … read more »

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Stream: Locussolus, “Throwdown (Com Truise Remix)”

Locussolus is the trippy project of legendary long-hair DJ Harvey. He’ll have an album out this summer. The Com Truise remix of “Throwdown” adds some bloop to its inherent funk. The track is only stream-able … read more »

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Stream: Ford & Lopatin’s Channel Pressure

In a summer filled with brilliant, weird, VHS-indebted electronic pastiche—Com Truise‘s self-titled debut, Boxcutter‘s The Dissolve, Stephen Farris‘ actual VHS release Cosmic Sound II—maybe the most surprising distinction of Ford & Lopatin‘s Channel Pressure is … read more »

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Com Truise, “Cathode Girls” MP3

Could probably come up with a lot of needlessly nostalgic enter-the-computer references for how Com Truise sounds, but those words would pale in comparison to these, from Ghostly‘s site announcing the July 5th release of … read more »

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Com Truise, “Polyhurt” MP3

“Polyhurt” is the release off of Com Truise’s forthcoming single “Fairlight,” which will be out in record stores May 3rd (via Ghostly International). If it’s a precursor of things to come, his new LP, Galactic … read more »

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Com Truise, “Innerfacer” MP3

Not 100% sure how to deal with the name Com Truise. For some reason the first word that comes to mind is “troublesome” and we’re not really sure why that is. But the song—let’s talk … read more »

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