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Bright Eyes, “Shell Games” MP3

Thought the whole Bright Eyes thing was dead and Conor Oberst was moving on to other, differently named pastures. Turns out we were just confused and The People’s Key (Feb. 15th, Saddle Creek) will be … read more »

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In the Shop: Kanye West by Jonathan Mannion

Since the official launch of the friendly new FADER Shop, the limited edition prints we’re offering from longtime FADER photographer Jonathan Mannion have been flying off the shelves. And with good reason: Mannion has captured … read more »

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Streaming: David Dondero, #Zero With A Bullet

About seven years ago next January we stumbled into a David Dondero set at the Knitting Factory in New York. Pretty sure he was there opening for Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett, who … read more »

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Conor Oberst Joins Song Strike Against Arizona Immigration Law

Those who know Conor Oberst’s style won’t be surprised to hear he’s joined Song Strike. The guy is more grass roots than a backyard, he openly supports PETA, subscribes to no mainstream religion, and he’s … read more »

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Conor Oberst Covers Folk Revivalist John Prine

You have to be a pretty big folk fan to be in a band called Monsters of Folk. This is why it’s no surprise to find Conor Oberst among the likes of Justin Vernon, My … read more »

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Video: Monsters of Folk, “Dear God”

When this album came out (and the song had the suffix “Sincerely Monsters of Folk“), did anyone think it sounded like folk-disco? Because it does. And the drum machine sounds like it’s from a Black … read more »

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We Don't Think We've Outgrown Bright Eyes Yet

Can you, though? Write this down on your list of things to read here at some point in the very near future: nearly ten years after I stumbled across the Oh Holy Fools split and … read more »

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Stream: Monsters of Folk’s Entire Album

As we wrote in FADER #63, Monsters of Folk are more than a monster, they’re the definition of it—that is, a true-blue supergroup whose songs are so major they could swallow your whole life. The … read more »

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Monsters of Folk Plan Monstrous Fall Tour

Big, big rooms. read more »

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Bright Eyes Announces Final Album

It was a good run, old boy. read more »

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