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Cop A Look: Minimalism

In fashion, minimalism as a concept really emerged in the 1990s, following the sloppy grunge aesthetic of the early part of the decade and the vibrant colors, spandex and shoulder pads that shook up the … read more »

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Cop A Look: Sister Sister

Flash back to an age where mismatched patterns, denim hats and elaborate layers ruled, a time when accessories were not merely an option but a necessity. Welcome to the world of Sister Sister.  A product … read more »

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Cop A Look: Tank Girl

Bold, brave and badass, if ever there was a female fictional character to look up to, Tank Girl would be it. Originally the apocalyptic comic book brainchild of Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, Tank Girl … read more »

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Cop a Look: The 1992 Olympic Dream Team

The United States Basketball team that arrived in Barcelona for the 1992 Olympic Games had one major thing going for it, and that was that it boasted the most talent assembled on any single sports … read more »

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Cop a Look: Sade

Shape-shifting pop stars of the moment could stand to learn a thing or two about the power of simplicity. Enter Sade, queen of timeless sophistication and the biggest case-maker for a less-is-more aesthetic. An alumnus … read more »

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Freddie Mercury 1

Cop A Look: Freddie Mercury

The word “androgynous” has become so overused in fashion that it has almost lost its power, but there’s nothing cliché about the way Freddie Mercury added camp value to a traditionally masculine wardrobe. As the … read more »

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Cop A Look: Prodigy

There is nothing wrong with a little controversy, and no other word is better in describing the nature of English electronic act Prodigy. The band was an unlikely mainstream act, embracing the things the mainstream … read more »

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Cop a Look: Lizzie McGuire

If there ever was a visual time capsule for tween style in the early 2000s (RIP Limited Too), golden era Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire would be it. Lizzie was played by Hilary Duff, with … read more »

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Cop A Look: Henry Rollins and Black Flag

We applaud people who do things differently, and if there was ever a band who embodied the rejection of the mainstream, it’s Black Flag. Universally identifiable by the their emblematic, simple black bar logo, the … read more »

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Cop a Look: ’90s Dance Jams

With the recent proliferation of next-gen dance music, and the scene looking more like a stadium rave than a party these days, we’ve been feeling inspired by the low budget Jock Jams-era of music videos … read more »

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