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Video: CREEP f. Holly Miranda, “Animals”

CREEP‘s Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard enlisted Holly Miranda to sing on “Animals.” In its video, directed by Greko Sklavounos, the Detroit-bred chanteuse appears as a cocooned half-human, leathered by thick makeup and opaque contact … read more »

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Video: Memory Tapes “Green Knight” (Creep Remix)

Aside from cashing in on the trending #kaleidoscope effect, Ellen Frances’ video for Creep’s remix of Memory Tapes’ “Green Knight” is all about creepy stalkers at the Chelsea Hotel. Or at least that’s the basic … read more »

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Creep, “You” (Planningtorock Remix) MP3

Whoa, we were in no way expecting this to head in a dubbed-out direction. We were, however, expecting the vocals to be completely messed with. They’re pitched up and pitched down and the whole thing … read more »

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Video: Creep f. Nina Sky, “You”

There are four hairstyles in Creep‘s new music video, starring the duo’s lovely Lauren Flax, the lovely, back-to-black-hair Lauren Dillard, and the track’s lovely featured vocalists Nicole and Natalie Albino of Nina Sky, who at … read more »

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Planningtorock, “Doorway” (Creep Remix) MP3

Creep’s remix of Planningtorock’s “Doorway” takes the whole track up a register, lifting it out of dark and spectral territory into a gentler ether. Planningtorock’s forthcoming album, W, is out May 17th (DFA). Download: Planningtorock, … read more »

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Premiere Stream: Poly Styrene, “Virtual Boyfriend (Creep Remix)”

Poly Styrene, former front-woman of the seminal Brit femme-freak band X-ray Spex, will release her first album since a 2004 foray into New Age, Flower Aeroplane, in April. The world’s not always been ready for … read more »

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Video: Creep, “Days”

There’s something really great about the video for “Days” that has nothing to do with occult anything. There are drops of blood and an upside down cross, black hoods, sleep-floating, etc., but it glitters like … read more »

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So uh, CREEP are doing a song with Nina Sky, the great lost R&B duo that never quite blew (but did get a FADER cover). No idea how that’s going to work, unless CREEP got … read more »

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Creep cover

Stream: Creep, “Days”

This couldn’t have worked out better. “Days” the first “real” song from Creep in the sense that it’s not a remix and instead a fully formed song and/or mission statement featuring Romy from The XX … read more »

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Video: Creep, “Intro”

Creep is for the folks who are heavily awaiting new albums from Mannie Fresh, The XX and Telepathe. The other people, at least, who are not Mannie Fresh, or in The XX or Telepathe. AKA … read more »

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