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Download Heems’ Wild Water Kingdom Mixtape

Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri bka Heems has released his second mixtape of the year, Wild Water Kingdom. The tape, which is named after the Dorney Park-adjacent waterpark in Allentown, PA, a commercial-touchstone for anyone raised … read more »

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Video: Crookers, “That Laughing Track”

Approaching their tenth year as a group, the Italian production duo Crookers have apparently taken a turn toward the batshit. “That Laughing Track” was first released on their Dr. Gonzo LP last fall in collaboration … read more »

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Stream: Crookers f. Roisin Murphy, “Royal T (House of House RMX)”

Roisin Murphy turned in a traditionally euphoric house diva vocal for Crookers‘ “Royal T,” but we just didn’t know it until now: through the tweaker lens of Crookers’ ADD production, she just sounded like a … read more »

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Video: Isa GT, “Pela’o (Crookers RMX)”

On Friday the inimitable Isa GT guest DJ’d on our East Village Radio show, and it was one of the most fun guest sets in awhile (listen here, she’s in the second half of the … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 92: Video Palms: 77Klash / J-Wow / Crookers / Poirier / Face T

Welcome to the Videodrome. Today it is a moving pixels edition of Ghetto Palms, featuring 3 new videos (and one audio-stream) from some of my favorite recurring characters. I estimate that each clip has about … read more »

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Video: Crookers f. Fabri Fibra & Dargen D’Amico, “Festa Festa”

Crookers‘ new album Tons of Friends finally drops a week from tomorrow and, true to its name, features a crazy disparate amount of collaborators ranging from Pitbull and Will.I.Am to Rye Rye, The Very Best … read more »

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Video: Crookers f. Miike Snow, “Remedy”

We love Phra and Bot, bka Crookers, more than some members of our own families, but there will never be a day that we vouch for snatching a chew toy from an old dog. That … read more »

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Crookers Mishka Mix and Wild Tee

There’s a special place in our hearts for Milano wildboys Crookers and their excellent productions which you may know from their crazy awesome DJ sets and, you know, them kind of being responsible for Kid … read more »

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Video: Crookers f. Kelis, “No Security”

When our Milanese partystarters Crookers came through about a month ago, they did a drop for our show on East Village Radio that may have set a world record for longest and most random drop … read more »

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Video: Crookers f. Kardinal Offishal, “Put Your Hands On Me”

Crookers have never been accused of being subtle, so this video, which we’re honestly not sure is safe for work or not, seems just about right. (via Discobelle)

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