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Dollars to Pounds: CYMBALS’ Art-Pop Is the Harvard University Press Meets Whitney Houston

“I’ve got to be at work at 7:30AM. I wanna just be like, ‘It’s cool, you can do this, you can live this life if you want to.’” Selim Bulut is a music writer who … read more »

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Stream: CYMBALS, “The End”

The Paris-loving, London-based band CYMBALS have kindly included a 45-second introductory string section to their new single, “The End,” a soothing start to any slow day. Or better yet, to a long and happy night, … read more »

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Stream: CYMBALS, “Like An Animal (Fort Romeau Remix)”

Fort Romeau, the man behind one of our favorite releases on the label 100% Silk, has hopped on CYMBALS’ immersing 9-minute track “Like An Animal,” salting and peppering even more house elements onto the already-dancy … read more »

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Stream: CYMBALS, “Like an Animal”

The post-punk electronic London boys CYMBALS have struck gold with “Like an Animal,” the first song off their forthcoming four-track 12-inch. The song richly blends ’80s new age with an uninterrupted surge of building melodies, … read more »

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Stream: Cymbals, “No Bad Decisions”

Cymbals’ “No Bad Decisions,” like many of their songs and finely exemplary of their whole emotional deal, combines the stiff weirdness of Talking Heads with the melodic precision of a Vampire Weekend riff. The song’s … read more »

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Video: Cymbals, “Totally Over”

Cymbals! The weight of an entire musical history of awkward dudes making awkward funk is on your backs. Hope you guys are chill with that—it’s a heavy zone to be in. So yeah, “Totally Over” … read more »

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