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Video: D-Lo, “Choppa Dance”

Longstanding Oakland rapper D-Lo fits somewhere between direct descendent of the hyphy movement and the current crop of Mustard-wave essentialists, though he’s drifted closer to the latter in recent years (note the transition from 2006′s … read more »

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Video: D-Lo, “Tic Toc”

Oakland’s D-Lo (best known outside the Bay for one of production crew League of Star’s triumphs, “Get Her Tho”) has released a video for new song, “Tic Toc.” The song’s a solid, if unexceptional, entry … read more »

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GEN F: D-Lo and Sleepy D

One hot spring day in East Oakland, a crew of folks from around the way engage in a street battle. They’re all rambunctious, whipping water balloons at each other and laughing, but two shirtless dreadlocked … read more »

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Young Gully, Definition of Gas Mixtape

The title track on Young Gully‘s latest is about the only song on the whole mixtape that sounds specifically like it’s coming from East Oakland. Over a super sonar-ray of hyphy’s signature bass throb, Gully … read more »

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Premiere: D-Lo f. Sleepy D, “Coppers” MP3

“Coppers,” if you stay up on Bay area rap (we try), has ostensibly been available on the internuts for a little while via D-Lo‘s now officially available album The Tonite Show, but it doesn’t appear … read more »

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Freeload: The FADER Issue 62 Podcast

We and you and everyone we know has been trumpeting the Summer Of Love 2009, and it was our mantra as we put together FADER Issue 62. We scoured the universe for the summeriest, most … read more »

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Video: D-Lo, “No Hoe”

If there’s one thing this video confirms about HBR’s D-Lo, it’s that he does not love hoes. If you also hate women but love hard-hitting Bay Area slaps, first of all what is wrong with … read more »

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