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Ghetto Palms 120: Serani / Future Fambo / Dancehall Again!

Daseca again! Everybody’s favorite makers of gun-drop, Island pop, and dubstop snapped back this week with a new riddim that is decidedly not a hybrid or micro-genre of anything except in the sense that they … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 113: Vegas / Wayne Wonder / Exodus—Exclusive Daseca Riddim!

I could try to do a Ghetto Archipelago headline without mentioning Monday’s Labor Day festivities here in New York. But that would just be silly. Three million strong, Brooklyn Carnival is the elephant in the … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 94: New Sean Paul / Badda Badda Gals

First a quick riddim update. The Genesis, which made it’s web-debut in this space last week, dropped on iTunes Tuesday and—despite some haterish grumblings from b-list selectors—shows every sign of killing it, sales-wise. At US$7 … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 93: Genesis Riddim / World Premiere!

Technically, Bobby Konders and Jabba premiered the dumb-heavy new riddim from the leaders of dancehall’s new school last week on their Hot97 show. But since I’ve established my credentials by supporting the Daseca sound and … read more »

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Serani, “Polka Dot” MP3

A superstar in the FADERverse, Serani just released his new, long-awaited No Games album and it, along with new albums from Sean Paul and Vybz Kartel, built a small brick wall on the Billboard charts, … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 69: New Serani / Daseca Riddims

No 69 jokes, please. Badman arithmetic only goes up to 68-and-I’ll-owe-you-one. Just by pure coincidence though, this edition of Ghetto Palms does happen to be kind of a ladies night special. But that’s only because … read more »

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It’s. It’s New Seraaani. R Six Riddim + “Skip To My Luu” MP3

Serani’s moment in New York was summer 2008, with “Doh,” “No Games” and “She Loves Me” all on constant rotation on both pirate stations and Hot97, and he’s been trying to get an album filled … read more »

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Ghetto Palms: Mavado / Serani / Good Life riddim

Every week resident FADER selector Eddie STATS runs through dancehall riddims and other artifacts from the ghetto archipelago. I was tempted to beat you (the reader) in the head about Mavado again today. I feel … read more »

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Video: Mavado Documentary

Pieces of this have been floating around as part of VP Records’ “Dancehall Draft Picks” video series, but this the full 12-minute mini-doc about Mavado, featuring studio sessions with Busy Signal and Daseca, live footage … read more »

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Freeload: Demarco, “Go Easy”

It’s been a little quiet for Daseca since they, and specifically Serani, took over the summer streets, but this new track, which is an apparent plea to both Mavado’s and Vybz’ people to chill, is … read more »

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