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Video: Lil B, “I Own Swag”

With Valentine’s Day red roses in hand, Lil B responds to David Banner’s summer 2011 track “Swag”, a messy collection of talking points which called young rappers like B and Tyler, the Creator to task … read more »

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David Banner and Don Trip, “Do Work” MP3

Never really occurred to me before, but David Banner is probably super stoked that Don Trip’s “Letter to my Son” is getting play on Hot97. There was a period where Banner seemed completely exasperated by … read more »

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J-Doe f. Busta Rhymes, T-Pain and David Banner, “Coke, Dope, Crack, Smack (Remix)” MP3

The popularity of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” has had at least one welcome side effect—more fast rap on radio. Los Angeles songwriter ternt rapper J-Doe’s very positive Busta Rhymes collab “Coke Dope Crack … read more »

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David Banner f. Ludacris & Marsha Ambrosius, “Be With You” (prod 9th Wonder) MP3

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s about time to start shopping for rap songs for your girlfriend, and this one should absolutely be on your list if you plan on presenting it to her in … read more »

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Video: David Banner and 9th Wonder, “Slow Down”

This actually turned out a lot better than we were expecting. David Banner is a great producer in his own right, so ideally we’d hear an entire album of him rapping over his own production … read more »

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David Banner’s Newest Song is a Gatorade Jingle

If perhaps you were also up early watching Lost on the internet before work, you may have seen the above Gatorade commercial soundtracked by an Otis Redding-esque soul singer bouncing around a perky beat built … read more »

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David Banner f. Heather Victoria, "Slow Down (Prod. 9th Wonder)" MP3

Ladies, this man would like you not to move so fast. Have some respect! If we’re judging today in terms of dichotomies, Banner is the anti-Jamie Foxx. This man talking about restraint like he is … read more »

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David Banner & 9th Wonder ft. Lisa Ivey, “Something Is Wrong” MP3

Following on from Nas’ open letter and Killer Mike’s recent, stirring blog post regarding the senseless murder of Derrion Albert, the always outspoken David Banner steps up to address Albert’s death in song. Banner uses … read more »

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RCRD LBL: Kid Sister f. David Banner, “Family Reunion”

With summer having officially chunked the deuce, and this weekend promising to be especially gloomy in NYC, the mood around the FADER editorial office hasn’t exactly lent itself to an electric slide session. With Kid … read more »

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Live: David Banner At The Knitting Factory

Last night at the Knitting Factory, David Banner taught us that being a perfect gentleman means giving lots of enormous bear hugs. He also taught us about how the Government is bullshit (dude, obvi) and … read more »

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