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Download Diamond’s The Young Life Mixtape

Diamond is one of those artists we perennially pull for who never seems to get the mainstream toehold they deserve. Charismatic, a little gnarly and pretty excellent at rapping, it simply has not coagulated as … read more »

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Video: Diamond f. Waka Flocka, “Hit Dat Hoe”

Didn’t wanna overwhelm our corner of the internet with too much Waka Flocka yesterday (not actually possible), but Diamond completely destroys “Hit Dat Hoe,” a track and video that uses the “featuring Waka Flocka” tag … read more »

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Diamond, “I’m On One” MP3 + Video

Diamond runs through her versions of Drake’s flows—lazy singsong and frustrated millionaire—on her freestyle over the “I’m on One” instrumental. Like the many, many remixes of “Racks” and “Motivation,” it’s likely they’ll be a flood … read more »

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Diamond, “Shots Fired” MP3 + Getting Your Car Repo’d then Returned

Last week Diamond was filming a video with Young Money rapper Lil Chuckee and then two dudes came by and repossessed her brand new yellow Camaro. While someone got the mess on camera so everyone … read more »

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Dorrough f. Diddy, Bun B, Wiz Khalifa, Maino, Yo Gotti, Diamond, Shawty Lo & DJ Drama, “Get Big RMX” MP3

Putting a thousand people on your track is the new putting a thousand people on your track. No masturbatory exercise, though, Dorrough makes incredibly long songs out of necessity—his music is for driving and, if … read more »

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Video: Diamond, “Lotta Money” (Co-Starring Gucci Mane)

This is cute, though as both the protagonist and the antagonist, it’s unclear what former Crime Mob rapper Diamond, ATL’s ultimate bad chick on the mic, is saying about herself (aka Ms. 32 Flavors): is … read more »

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Video: Dondria f. Johnta Austin and Diamond, "Shawty Wus Up"

When we were in college, we used to think of 7,000 ways to get out of class. Some included just walking out after attendance and never returning but one time we had another ingenious idea. … read more »

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Rasheeda f. Kandi, Toya, Diamond, Lola Monroe "Bedrock" (Remix) MP3

Screw the other Real Housewives Of Atlanta, the real diva collective coming out of the A, is powered by the likes of Rasheeda, Diamond, Kandi Burruss, Toya Carter, and Lola Monroe. The fivesome came together … read more »

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Video: Ludacris f. Diamond, Trina & Eve, “My Chick Bad RMX”

Who would have thought Ludacris and Nicki Minaj would be responsible for reinstating the visibility of female rappers? Sure, Nicki we predicted—the triumphant ubiquity of her presence has underscored the dearth of ladies in our … read more »

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Freeload: Diamond + DJ Smallz, “Pardon My Swagg” Mixtape

Seems like we’ve been rocking Diamond’s last mixtape, Ms. Boujhetto, consistently for about a year—particularly her take on “Run Up Get Dun Up,” which has become our fight club anthem, and is reprised here. This … read more »

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