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Stream: DJ Quik and Kurupt, “The Demon’s Carol”

DJ Quik and Kurupt are back together again on “The Demon’s Carol,” an unusual song with dark, textured production. The track feels odd in the context of current hip-hop, but it fits in well with … read more »

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Interview: DJ Quik

Not too long ago, DJ Quik released The Book of David. It’s an excellent record that finds Quik taking a step back from the more experimental music he was producing on ’09’s Kurupt collaboration BlaQKout, … read more »

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Video: DJ Quik & Suga Free, “Nobody”

It seems like every internet rap video is bogged down with a meaningless extended intro full of tedious dialogue, unintelligible plotlines and bad acting. Suga Free knows better than to waste a playa’s time. For … read more »

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How Ya Livin Biggie Smalls?

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Video: DJ Quik, Luv of My Life

Never been happier for warm weather than when we can pair it with new DJ Quik jams. Simply put, the dude can’t really do any wrong. Or maybe he can—but he’s managed to avoid it … read more »

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Video: Hyperizers, “Don’t Criticize (Hyperize)”

For some of us, watching Sportscenter around this time of year can be especially trying due to the basketball coverage being relegated to contract negotiation and off-court mishaps, but that same destitution means little things … read more »

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Freeload: Best of DJ Quik Mixtape by Matthew Africa

We were feeling pretty Garfield (MONDAYS!) til we started jamming this extra thorough mix of “America’s Most Complete Artist.” Now we are remembering the donk-ish Chevy Monte Carlo (indestructable!) we pushed in high school and … read more »

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