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Video: Dominant Legs, “Make Time for the Boy”

Not to spoil anything, but Dominant Legs’ “Make Time for the Boy” video ends with a minute and a half of synchronized dance-snapping, Ryan Lynch “walking like an Egyptian” and everybody slyly and unblinkingly staring … read more »

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Video: Dominant Legs, “Where We Trip the Light” (Live in San Francisco)

Part of their Neighborhoods series with Audyssey, this is one of Yours Truly‘s most visually stunning videos in recent memory, capturing Dominant Legs in thigh length trenches out on the rocks, magical and crisp under … read more »

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Melted Toys, “Rose Again” + Dominant Legs, “Laughing the Whole Time” MP3s

Two French labels, Atelier Ciseaux and La Station Radar, head to San Francisco to grab tracks by Californian dream pop groups Melted Toys (pictured above) and Dominant Legs (pictured below) for a split 7-inch limited … read more »

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Dominant Legs, “Clawing Out at the Walls (Altair Nouveau Remix)” MP3

Tracy Chapman made a dance record! Just kidding, Ryan Lynch aka Dominant Legs got remixed by fellow Bay Arean, DFA’s Altair Nouveau. In its natural state, “Clawing Out at the Walls” is a tender record. … read more »

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Finally Champions: True Panther Celebrates San Francisco

On the first day of November, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. This was a coup not only for the modern city, but for the long history of left field weirdos populating it. … read more »

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Interview With Dominant Legs at the FADER Fort NYC

Ever since Dominant Legs played the FADER Fort on Saturday, we have been softly humming ballads to ourselves and being borderline emo. With that steady, coffeehouse bongo beat and this rainy weather, it’s hard not … read more »

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Dominant Legs, “About My Girls” MP3 + “Clawing Out at the Walls” Video

Our favorite chrysanthemum, Dominant Legs, has got some new new for you. Longhair stud Ryan Lynch (recently of Girls fame) and Hannah Hunt jam it acoustic California style on this video for “Clawing Out at … read more »

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Premiere: Dominant Legs, “Clawing Out at the Walls” MP3

Just before Halloween, we posted Dominant Legs‘ homemade version of “Clawing Out at the Walls.” Made before Girls picked him up as their guitar player, it was all bedroom recorded and a little tentative, Ryan … read more »

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Open Bar With Dominant Legs

At the end of “Loving Now,” a great and so far unheard song by Dominant Legs, Ryan Lynch twinkles a high note aside, something that might have been a coda if it had any precedent. … read more »

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Dominant Legs, “Clawing Out at the Walls” and “Just Silly Ones” MP3

“Clawing Out at the Walls,” which begins with, and whose duration is kept steady by small and sharp hand drums, is instrumentally crisp, high guitar and bouncy bass, overlaid with flute-like keys that act as … read more »

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