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Donnis f. Iamsu and Jay Ant, “Absolutely” MP3

Last weekend, Atlanta’s Donnis and the Fool’s Gold crew visited San Francisco to shoot the video for “Absolutely” with Bay Area up-and-comers Iamsu and Jay Ant. It won’t be out until later this month, but … read more »

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Donnis’ Southern Lights Mixtape

Is there anything more comforting than a Big Rube intro? It’s like having your deep-voiced grandpa assuring you that the time you’re about to spend with a record is totally worth it. And yeah, it … read more »

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A-Trak f. Cyhi Da Prince, Donnis, Pill and Danny Brown, “Ray Ban Vision (Remix)” MP3

Raise your hand if you want to hear Danny Brown pop in like its nothing and completely murder this beat. It’s almost an anti-flow, choppy, vaguely awkward and intensely clear—but it also works so, so … read more »

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NYC: Fool’s Gold’s Day Off Starring Yelawolf, Pill and Everyone Else You Like

If you were bummed because all your friends are headed to Jamaica or the Hamptons or wherever over Labor Day Weekend, we now allow you to commence feeling awesome. Our pals at Fool’s Gold Records … read more »

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Premiere: Donnis, “Tha Kill” MP3

Every rapper is so depressed right now—with Drake leading the charge (success-depressed), Kid Cudi the emotional mastermind (booze/weed-depressed) and now Donnis, poor dude. “Tha Kill,” over a sample of LaRoux’s ubiquitous hit single, is the … read more »

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Donnis f. Yelawolf and Pill, “Country Cool” (Remix) MP3

Well, Yelawolf just completely destroys this track. It sounds like he’s hearing the beat from a different than angle than Pill and Donnis (this comes from his mixtape, The Invitation, BTW), who both turn in … read more »

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[Sponsored Content] Converse Band of Ballers

Converse brought together seven teams―made up of musicians the likes of Jermaine Dupri, Jim Jones, Black Lips and Of Montreal―competing in a round robin basketball tournament in a gym small enough to allow fans a … read more »

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Video: Donnis, “Gone”

If you haven’t yet partaken of Donnis’ Gone EP, released by our friends over at Fool’s Gold Records, let this video of Donnis partying like it’s 2003 be a reminder to do just that. For … read more »

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Video: Pill and Donnis Wreck NYC

Having lived in both Atlanta and New York, it’s good to know a dude like Pill who by all appearances now splits time between the two cities while trying to score a record deal but … read more »

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Donnis, Diary of an Atlanta Brave Mixtape

The arc of Donnis‘ career could possibly be as notable as his rap. Mixtape for 10 Deep with DJ Benzi? Nothing wrong with that (ask Kid Cudi), but for a dude from Atlanta who was … read more »

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