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Stream: Kingdom f. Naomi Allen “Take Me”

“Take Me,” featuring Naomi Allen of Electrik Red, sounds like a classic British DJ-and-soulstress collaboration, with Allen cooing sultry enticements over Kingdom’s often complex but always hooky beats. It’s smart, smooth, and unambiguously sexy. Stream: … read more »

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Suite903: Where the Fuck are Electrik Red?

Last December I decided 2011 would be my year of re-invention. Tired of looking like a skater/hipster/homeless teen boy, I committed to becoming a LADY, glamorizing my wardrobe so I could walk into a room … read more »

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Stream: Electrik Red, “I’m That Chick”

Electrik Red dropped one of the most criminally unheralded albums of last year, partly because maybe no one knew it actually came out. It was called How to be a Lady: Volume 1, it was … read more »

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Welcome To Electrik Red's Charm School

Read The Fader‘s full story on The Dream’s budding pop group before their album hits stores next week. read more »

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Electrik Red f. Lil Wayne, "So Good"

The four-lady pop / R&B ensemble Electrik Red is one of my present obsessions—they’re just super fun in a Vanity 6 stylee, plus they are coming with the Obama-era feminist jams. read more »

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Video: Electrik Red, “Friend Lover”

Now this is why we love us some Electrik Red. They fucks with the working man! And not the “I’m dressed like the working man, but I’m really god amongst men Bryce Wilson” workout man. … read more »

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Video: The-Dream, “Rockin That Thang”

This is basically the exact video we imagined for this song: a Vegas-y marquee of light bulbs, chromatic rainbow rollerdisco neon shooting out of Dream’s pores, quick editing to make it look like Dream’s pop/lock … read more »

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Freeload: Electrik Red, “Freaky Freaky”

We love the coming-soon Electrik Red album, the bangers-Godzilla written for four of our favorite LA-based spitfires by his eminence, The-Dream, with the wizard Tricky Stewart. And we’re consistently impressed with how many different sounds … read more »

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Video: Electrik Red, “Drink in My Cup”

Back in late summer, when we speculated that Electrik Red looked and sounded like nice girls but might be extinct before year’s end, we had no idea they were terrifying lunatics who get buck in … read more »

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Freeload: Electrik Red, “Drank In My Cup” (Produced by The Dream)

Way back in the summer of 2006, we ran a Gen F profile on a new ATL R&B trio called Bella. Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can still read it for free. … read more »

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