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A Guide to Surviving Coachella

Coachella is a little more grueling that your average festival. For one, you’re in the desert where good weather in April means a temperature below 100, no sandstorms, and less than a 30 degree drop … read more »

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Rihanna and Drake Do Paris Fashion Week

As you know by now, Drake and Rihanna have been galavanting across Paris all week. We don’t know if they’re just friends or something adorably more but, thanks to their mutual love of Instagram, we … read more »

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First Look: Fanmail’s Cozy Boy Classics

A sort of anti-fashion ideal has been sweeping over good style for the past few years—a mass market, mom-and-dad look that New York Magazine has officially dubbed “normcore“—and at its nucleus are two ideas that … read more »

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Fanmail’s Spring Line of Sustainable Essentials

Fanmail’s Charlie Morris has sustainable minimalism down down to a tee. Literally, the Brooklyn-based clothing label makes some of the finest t-shirts around, while using organic cottons and environmental-friendly practices like cutting and sewing all … read more »

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Fanmail’s Much Better Basics

Fanmail’s sustainable line of simple T-shirts From the magazine: ISSUE 89, December 2013/January 2014 With the recent rise of farm-to-table restaurants, it’s become second nature to glance at a list of ingredients and their sources … read more »

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Fanmail’s Super Simple Tees and Tanks

It’s fun to talk about wild, innovative fashion looks, but more often than not, the most important piece in a wardrobe is a perfect T-shirt. Fanmail is a brand new company out of New York … read more »

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