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She Fell in Love

Fat Trel Recruits Rick Ross and Nipsey Hussle for “She Fell In Love” Remix

Fat Trel’s “She Fell in Love” was one of his first major singles since signing with MMG and was a charming mix of loving tenderness and gangster swagger–the chorus starts She fell in love with … read more »

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Stream: Fat Trel, “How U Feel”

Slutty Boyz kingpin and recent Maybach Music signee Fat Trel links up with Harry Fraud for “How U Feel,” a preview of his April Fools Day Gleesh mixtape. (Their previous collaboration, “Deep In The Game,” … read more »

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Video: Fat Trel, “She Fell In Love”

The video for Fat Trel‘s first single on Maybach Music (he signed in November) is still quintessentially DC—he throws fries at his old girl’s new man in Ben’s Chili Bowl. But “She Fell In Love” … read more »

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Stream: Fat Trel f. Tracy T, Meek Mill and Rick Ross, “Shhh (Remix)”

Rick Ross and Meet Mill walk Maybach Music’s latest signees, Fat Trel and Tracy, out with “Shhh (Remix),” which finds the four rappers each taking a turn over “Sh!t,” the best song Future released in … read more »

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Stream: Young Chop f. YB, Johnny May Cash and Fat Trel, “All We See Is Green”

Last Friday, Young Chop released his debut album, hilariously titled Precious. It features an impressive cast of guests including Juicy J, Freddie Gibbs, Lil Durk, SD, and various members of Chop’s own 8TMG squad. While … read more »

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Download Dew Baby’s Dew Date Mixtape

Dew Baby, one of the most animated members of Fat Trel’s Slutty Boyz crew, returns with the follow-up to last year’s promising Dew Jack City mixtape. Dew Baby’s voice is consistently light, but Dew Date … read more »

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Download Fat Trel, Alley Boy And Master P’s Louie V Mob Mixtape

When Master P shouts out “Duct Tape” and “Slutty Boys” on Louie V Mob‘s “Break Em Off,” he sounds like Steve Harvey announcing rival dance crews in You Got Served. That’s kind of the point … read more »

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Fat Trel, “Started From The Bottom (Freestyle)” MP3

It was only a matter of time before someone who actually started from the bottom (in an economic sense among others), hijacked Drake’s excellent new single for their own benefit. DC’s Fat Trel, however, doesn’t … read more »

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Download Master P’s Al Capone Mixtape

Master P—the man who founded No Limit in Richmond, California, moved the label to New Orleans and brought Southern rap to the mainstream before starring on his son’s Nickelodeon show and advocating for clean lyrics—returns … read more »

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Master P f. Fat Trel and Alley Boy, “No Way Jose” MP3

While recording tracks for his forthcoming Al Capone mixtape in LA last month, Master P announced that he, Fat Trel and Alley Boy have temporarily joined forces as Louie V Mob. Check out “No Way … read more »

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