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Live: Noise Pop 2012

San Francisco: neck tattoos, biker boots, pot smoke, excellent food, terrible jeans. Our Noise Pop adventure begins at a festival-sponsored happy hour at Benders bar in the Mission with the revelation, approximately ten seconds into … read more »

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Video: Wayne Coyne Films Ariel Pink Singing “Round and Round”

Listening to “Round and Round” with these visuals makes us want to go somewhere sunny and dry. We would longboard down a long and very gradual hill, put purple butterfly barrettes in our way-long hair, … read more »

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Tent Posts: Austin City Limits, Day 3

Day three began just as lightheartedly and nonchalantly as the days before. There must be something in the water here in Austin (or maybe it’s the Budweiser), because you guys are just a little too … read more »

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Xiu Xiu's Bloody Shirt, Gaga's Locks, and Other Promo Weirdness

When an album is as good as Xiu Xiu’s Dear God, I Hate Myself you don’t need a lot of incentive to shell out the dough. ┬áJamie Stewart might disagree however. In order to spike … read more »

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Look! Wayne Coyne's Nude Adventure Palace!

Alright, put your clothes back on. It’s not like he’s nude all the time–catching him on Google street view was sort of a non-issue after we, um, saw his bits in the “Watching the Planets” … read more »

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Our Theory That Walking Around Oklahoma Provides Decent Chance To See Wayne Coyne Doing Something Weird Totally Proved True!

After reading that much discussed New York Magazine cover story on the Brooklyn scene from a few months ago, we’ll admit one of the more enjoyable daydreams we took away from it was imagining all … read more »

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Please Do Not Allow Your Christmas Tree To Be Without a Flaming Lips Fetus Ornament This Year. Please.

Not merely satisfied with the brain-melt that is their new record and that orgy of a music video of theirs, the Flaming Lips have dropped a beautiful, shiny holiday present at your feet: a Silver … read more »

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New Flaming Lips Video Makes Vincent Gallo Blush (NSFW)

We haven’t seen this much pubic hair since we first got our hands on the Joy of Sex. read more »

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Flaming Lips = Fur Eggs, Naked Cyclists, Vaginal Birth!

Read that headline over and over in your head, please. read more »

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New Karen O Song Featured in Extended "Where The Wild Things Are" Trailer

Arcade Fire still bogarting most of it though. read more »

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