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Stream: Thumpers, “Dancing’s Done”

London alt-pop duo Thumpers, a pair of friends for ages, recorded “Dancing’s Done” (and other tracks that’ll make up their February 4th debut on Paradyse) while one of their members, who also drums for Friendly … read more »

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Video: Friendly Fires, “Hurting”

So okay, imagine walking down the street on some normal day and looking over and seeing a woman with a crazy long neck acting like it’s no big deal. And then, beyond that, imagine that … read more »

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Funkystepz’ FADER Mix MP3

At some point, as someone living an ocean away and reading about genre politics secondhand online, I realized I was not an expert on UK funky, and without access to actual clubs I would probably … read more »

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Interview With Friendly Fires at the FADER FORT by FIAT

We grabbed Friendly Fires right before their set at the FADER FORT by FIAT to talk about playing award shows, DJing techniques and general Austin weirdness. Re-live the glory days above.

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Video: Friendly Fires, “Live Those Days Tonight (Back to ’89 Rave Montage)”

There are double jealousies watching this little montage: obviously massive envy for the being-there of early ’90s ravers (their presence tempered by a sober onlooker’s fear for brain safety), but also for the band cutting … read more »

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GEN F: Friendly Fires

True fact: Stephen Hawking, the world’s preeminent theoretical physicist, and the three members of English dance pop band Friendly Fires are all alumni of the same “quite posh” private school in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. “The … read more »

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Friendly Fires and Azari & III, “Stay Here”

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting new Friendly Fires like we have, then the announcement of this brand new collaboration with Toronto house favorite Azari & Ill is like a garbage can full of avocado peels … read more »

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Aeroplane + Friendly Fires + Flight Facilities, “I Crave Paris” MP3

Talk about an exquisite corpse. 1. Friendly Fires write the song “Paris.” 2. Aeroplane remixes it. 3. Flight Facilities writes the song “Crave.” 4. Aeroplane takes the vocals from that song, puts them over the … read more »

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Stream: Friendly Fires’ Stop Making Sense Mix

That doesn’t mean Friendly Fires mix of the Talking Heads film, but their mix for the Croatian festival of the same name. Stop Making Sense boasts a hearty lineup and to promote, they’ve asked a … read more »

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Stream: Holy Ghost!, “On Board” (Friendly Fires Cover)

Holy Ghost! are earning the exclamation point with this one. As part of an exchange program, Friendly Fires are covering them and they’re covering Friendly Fires. DFA says HG’s FF cover of “On Board” has … read more »

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