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Funkystepz’ FADER Mix MP3

At some point, as someone living an ocean away and reading about genre politics secondhand online, I realized I was not an expert on UK funky, and without access to actual clubs I would probably … read more »

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Stream: The Weeknd, “Rolling Stone” (Funkystepz’ Edit)

The Weeknd is not perhaps the most obvious artist for a bubbly UK funky remix, but what do you know, this works just fine. UK funky stalwarts Funkystepz add drums and keys, nothing fancy, to … read more »

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Walton’s FADER Mix MP3

The first ten minutes of Walton‘s FADER mix pass by in a state of relative (UK) funky calm. It’s deftly blended bass work, but the early tones are somewhere near pleasant, nothing hugely jolting. Then … read more »

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Stream: Greenmoney f. Roses Gabor, “Into You”

The Greenmoney duo is comprised of Alex Phountzi, founding member of the seminal broken beat collective Bugz In The Attic, and Leo Greenslade, of West London’s notorious Yoyo party, sonic precursors to the sort of … read more »

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GP 131: Super Cat x Hardhouse Banton / Maximus Dan x So Shifty / Ragga / Trinitech

Where to start—Libya in turmoil, revolution spreading like a virus from North Africa to Real Africa (and not sure whether its worse when they report it that way or when they just don’t report it). … read more »

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