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Airbird & Napolian - ITZ_1 (Abby Ross)

Stream: Airbird & Napolian, “Special”

Joel Ford—the New Yorker who releases electronic music as one half of Ford & Lopatin, Games, and most recently solo as Airbird—is now collaborating with like-minded Software label-mate Ian Evans aka Napolian. “Special” is the … read more »

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Stream: Games, “No Disguise”

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Pantha Du Prince, Salem and Games Remix Songs from Blonde Redhead’s Penny Sparkle

New York’s Blonde Redhead just released a bundle of otherworldly remixes from their 2010 Penny Sparkle, courtesy of bands like Games (RIP that name), Pantha Du Prince and Salem, whom all put a unique spin … read more »

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ford and lopatin

Stream: Ford & Lopatin’s Channel Pressure

In a summer filled with brilliant, weird, VHS-indebted electronic pastiche—Com Truise‘s self-titled debut, Boxcutter‘s The Dissolve, Stephen Farris‘ actual VHS release Cosmic Sound II—maybe the most surprising distinction of Ford & Lopatin‘s Channel Pressure is … read more »

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Stream: Games, “Strawberry Skies (Hudson Mohawke Remix)” + Video

Games got kinda an instrumental “99 Luft Balloons” caked in disco mud vibe. And Hudson Mohawke got a uppers caked in downers mud vibe. Together = living underneath a waterfall in Narnia, or at least … read more »

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Blonde Redhead, “My Plants Are Dead (Games Remix)” MP3

Listening to Blonde Redhead is weird. Not because the music is weird—it really isn’t. But because they achieve something so simple and composed and impossible to duplicate. Games—aka Dan Lopatin and Joel Ford—probably also figured … read more »

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matthew dear

Premiere: Matthew Dear, You Put A Smell On Me (Breakbot Remix) MP3

The original “You Put A Smell On Me” is a twisted song, no explanation necessary, read the title. Repression, sadomasochism, Depeche-Mode-Nine-Inch-Nails: the Matthew Dear discourse is well worn territory. And as much as we’re into … read more »

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Video: Games, “Shadows In Bloom”

It’s still sort of mindboggling that Dan Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never has anything to do with Games, the project he shares with Tigercity’s Joel Ford. The former is so abstract and gnarly and the … read more »

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CFCF, "It Was Never Meant To Be This Way (Piano Version)

Video: CFCF, “It Was Never Meant To Be This Way (Piano Version)”

The “piano version” of CFCF’s “It Was Never Meant to be This Way”, where a damper-pedal virtuoso and plaintive high-cheekboned ghost take residence inside your ear to elegantly discharge their story of composure amidst agitating … read more »

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Stream: Games’ EP That We Can Play

If you’ve been hearing the few Games songs scattered around the internet and were curious exactly what a full EP from Dan Lopatin (the dude behind Oneohtrix Point Never) and his childhood friend Joel Ford … read more »

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