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Watch Nardwuar vs. Gunplay

This feels long overdue, but it’s finally here: Nardwuar finally met Gunplay, and the interview is full of gems. Among the topics covered: his plans to build a bomb shelter and a custom Xbox controller, … read more »

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Stream: Gunplay f. Young Dro, “Krazy”

Gunplay states the obvious on new single “Krazy,” the latest in a recent stream of more-polished-than-usual tracks. But despite its title, his voice sounds relatively restrained, and with production that verges on EDM-tinged radio-friendly rap, … read more »

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FADER’s Slept On: 16 Underrated Songs From 2013

FADER editors look back on great songs you might have missed As 2013 steamrolls into 2014, everybody’s wrangling their top tracks of the year. At a certain point, though, lists blend into other lists, as … read more »

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Gunplay f. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, “Dat Kush” MP3

Gunplay, long a marginal player in the Maybach Music crew, finally finds the spotlight with new single “Dat Kush.” The song, which features Rick Ross and Lil Wayne and interpolates Wayne’s “Money to Blow,” may … read more »

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Video: Gunplay f. Young Breed and Torch, “Fuck Shit”

For some reason, Gunplay has finally released a video for “Fuck Shit,” one of the standout tracks from his 2012 tape Bogota Rich. Young Breed and Torch also appear in the New York-based video, which … read more »

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Download Gunplay’s Acquitted Mixtape

Though there’s often plenty of satisfying moments on any given Gunplay mixtape, they also work as aggravating teasers for an album that perpetually gets pushed back in favor of yet another mixtape featuring some freestyles, … read more »

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A Home Away: 12 Artists’ Favorite Places to Let Loose

I was in elementary school when Cheers went off the air. I remember it was a big deal, but my parents weren’t big drinkers, so it wasn’t until college that I began to understand the … read more »

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Video: Gunplay, “Pyrex”

Though Gunplay can be seen driving a car at the beginning of this “Pyrex” video, it’s very possible that it was shot while he was still on house arrest. Now acquitted from the robbery charges … read more »

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Download Gunplay’s Cops & Robbers Mixtape

If you’ve been following Gunplay’s erratic rise from misunderstood dude who liked to rap about Four Loko in Miami while some guys in the background did wheelies on ATVs to a hyperactive rapper’s rapper then … read more »

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Video: Gunplay, “Guillotine Swordz”

There’s no rapping for two whole minutes in Gunplay’s new self-directed video, filmed on location in his living room, where he’s passing a period of house arrest while awaiting a trial scheduled for next year. … read more »

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