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Video: Hyetal, “Jam The Network”

Back in June, Bristol producer Hyetal released his second full-length, Modern Worship, on True Panther Sounds. Now, he’s dropped this clip for second single “Jam The Network,” a propulsive, motorik number that feels perfectly suited … read more »

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Stream: Hyetal f. Gwilym Gold, “Northwest Passage (Vessel’s Cassion Edit)”

A little bit ago, we posted a very pretty dance track from Hyetal’s new Modern Worship album, featuring, among other subtle things, lightly fluttering windchimes and some very amniotic-sounding vocals from British singer Gwilym Gold. … read more »

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Stream: Hyetal, “Northwest Passage”

Hyetal, who’s pretty much mastered the art of making dance music that approximates the vibe of Mario Kart 64, is back with “Northwest Passage,” a track built on wobbly synths, a tiny drum tick and … read more »

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Video: Velour, “Speedway”

For some reason, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I was pretty much constantly in the mood to listen to a track called “Well Wishers” by UK house producer Julio Bashmore. Some people say … read more »

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Hyetal and Alison Garner Live at the Boiler Room

Before we ever actually went to the Boiler Room we assumed it was some thing that went on through all hours of the night. It would certainly fit the vibe, which is mostly dark and … read more »

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Battlekat, “He Didn’t Want a Lovesong” (Hyetal Remix) MP3

Apparently Just A Number 05272011 changed their name to Battlekat, which saves us some time on typing, but will probably add to the time it takes to explain to people that no, even though their … read more »

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Interview: Hyetal Talks About Emotional Jams, Makes an Exclusive Mix

Hyetal’s debut album Broadcast is beautiful. It’s propulsive, consistent and a little somber at times. It’s an album you can dance to, but you might also just want to stare into space and think about … read more »

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Ratatat, “Neckbrace (Hyetal RMX)” MP3

Did you notice how on this year’s LP4, Ratatat attempted to make the bare minimum in change to a sound that’s proven effective for them for years now? No? Well, that’s what Hyetal is here for. … read more »

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