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Stream: Laurel Halo, “Sunlight on the Faded”

There’s a moment in Laurel Halo’s “Sunlight on the Faded” where all the sound falls away but for a single, heart-like beat, and Halo’s voice repeating the lines Falling into your 307/ Only the best … read more »

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Stream: Burial’s Kindred EP

In lieu of vinyl after a pressing issue, Hyperdub has released Burial’s three-song EP, Kindred, on their site, digitally. We had a little taste of what was to come in December when track “Ashtray Wasp” … read more »

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Stream: Burial, “Ashtray Wasp” (Radio Rip)

Last night Burial premiered a clip of “Ashtray Wasp” on Rinse’s new monthly Hyperdub show, hosted by Scratcha DVA. It sounds like coming to terms with getting your coal in your stocking, or the echoes … read more »

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Walton’s FADER Mix MP3

The first ten minutes of Walton‘s FADER mix pass by in a state of relative (UK) funky calm. It’s deftly blended bass work, but the early tones are somewhere near pleasant, nothing hugely jolting. Then … read more »

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Video: Ossie, “Set the Tone”

Hyperdub doesn’t release a ton of videos, so it’s exciting when they sneak one in. Ossie‘s “Set the Tone” gets the much-deserved film treatment here, starring the East London producer for only a fleeting second—he’s … read more »

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Interview: Kode9

Kode9 & The Spaceape‘s sublime second album Black Sun comes out April 19th on Hyperdub, the seminal electronic label behind Burial, Joker and Zomby that Kode9—born Steve Goodman—founded in 2004. In addition to recording, DJing … read more »

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Video: LV f. Okmalumkoolkat, “Boomslang”

In the microworld of FADER 2010, this video is a dream team realization. First you got LV, responsible for immense jams like “Turn Away” on Hyperdub. Second you got Okmalumkoolkat, whom some of you might … read more »

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Stream: Kode 9, “You Don’t Wash”

They’re calling this “tropical dubstep”: Kode 9, you rascally devil. The Hyperdub honcho turned down his signature razor-coldness in lieu of some sun-steeped marimba, filling in the mean bass parts with a supernova synth blast. … read more »

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Copenhagen Raves: Julianne at Distortion Festival, Day 2

According to “Human Infomail,” the Distortion Festival newsletter, yesterday’s activities in the Nørrebro neighborhood produced a “body count” of nearly 30,000 people, packed in what seemed to be a six block radius. “Body count” is … read more »

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DJ K**O’s Off-Sonar Mix

DJ K**O, who throws Barcelona’s Desparrame parties with his homies in Dolorean, put together this mix to preview their Off-Sonar show. If anyone wants to get us a ticket to Spain for June 17, let … read more »

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