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NYC: Go See Thunder Soul Tonight

When I first read Thunder Soul’s tag line—”The true story of Conrad Johnson and the Kashmere Stage Band”—I couldn’t help but think, Cool, another movie about an impassioned band director taking on a group of … read more »

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Jamie Foxx f. Wiz Khalifa, “Best Night of My Life” MP3

We used to work at a movie theater, running the popcorn machine. During that time we saw Ray twenty times, cementing our lifelong affinity for Regina King. One of the dudes we wore a bowtie … read more »

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Jamie Foxx f. Rick Ross, “Living Better Now” MP3

Sometimes we get super nostalgic for Kanye’s first album, when Jamie Foxx and Twista and Yeezy were all bros and clearly just having a good time messing around being underdogs. Jamie Foxx was the comedian … read more »

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TI, Fuck a Mixtape

Confusing title! Is this not a mixtape? If not, this isn’t a blog post either, then, it’s just us hanging out in an office and listening to a bunch of TI songs we’ve never heard … read more »

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Jamie Foxx, “Body” MP3

What, no one loves Jamie Foxx anymore? We were pretty into “Quit Your Job” but that make approximately zero impact on anyone. Admittedly, “Body,” with production from The-Dream and Tricky Stewart is not going to … read more »

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Jamie Foxx f. Justin Timberlake, T.I. "Winner" MP3

Come April 18th, the NBA post-season packs bigger endorsements and more courtside celebrities to fill the seats at the ESPY Awards. Time out! Did TNT just take the air out of ESPN’s balls by casting … read more »

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Jamie Foxx f. Justin Timberlake & TI, “Winner” MP3

Jordan reference? Is this 1992 and there’s some triumphant, racially cognizant basketball movie coming out? No? That’s unfortunate, because this is the best hoops-referencing song since Bell Biv Devoe cut the underrated theme to “Above … read more »

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DEDICATION: Young Jeezy and Fela Kuti (What? Yes.)

We knew we loved Jeezy but once we heard him call Fela Kuti “gangster” and say “He might be the African Jizzle” we knew it was meant to be. That’s right, you two are soulmates. … read more »

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Video: Melanie Fiona vs. Jamie Foxx

No big deal, just TWO AMAZING VOICES SINGING “It Kills Me” TO EACH OTHER. SANGIN! (via Soulculture)

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The Grammys Hate Rap

Wait wait wait wait hold on, do you mean to tell us that Lil Wayne didn’t kick off his performance with an extended five-second string of expletives? Because this uncensored version of his performance with … read more »

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