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Watch Danny Brown Rap Over a Joker Beat

Pitchfork set Danny Brown and Joker up on a date, sending the pair to a gross, empty building in New York City’s financial district. In a pregame interview, the rapper and producer bonded over a … read more »

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Stay+ 5 Ways To Stay Positive in a Negative World Mix MP3

See yourself as a leader. Would you follow a leader that is negative, fearful, degrading, mistrustful or harmful to others? For this mix for Bonafide, Stay+ sampled the tracks from motivational speaker Bob Mangroo’s self-help … read more »

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Video: Joker f. Jessie Ware and Freddie Gibbs, “The Vision (Let Me Breathe)”

The video for Joker‘s “The Vision” often has the feel of a Nike commercial, an athletic body in minimal sleek black gear writhing in freestyle ecstasy. Then there is a close up shot of a … read more »

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Stream: Joker’s Album The Vision

We’ve previewed a few tracks off Joker’s debut album The Vision, and as much as we love the affirmation of I can take you out on “Slaughter House,” we’re excited to hear that the Bristol, … read more »

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Stream: Joker, “On My Mind”

Joker‘s debut album The Vision comes out stateside November 8th on 4AD. Judging by the tracks we’ve heard so far—”On My Mind” included, which features vocals from William Cartwright—Joker’s more than happy to share the … read more »

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GEN F: Joker

At a time when dubstep has mostly become music for shadow-lurking beard strokers longing for trip-hop’s golden days, and grime has diminished into near total irrelevance, 19-year-old DJ/producer Joker wisely dodges both. Instead, he mines … read more »

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Video: Joker, “Back in the Days”

Joker is not even that old, so his back in the day is probably very different than what we think of when we think of that term. Like, back in the day Joker was probably … read more »

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Stream: Joker, “The Vision” + 4AD Deal Announced

Joker, the UK crusher responsible for gigantic tracks like “Stuck in the System,” is back with “The Vision.” It is pretty big. A good look for all parties involved is that Joker, like Zomby, has … read more »

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Interview: Kode9

Kode9 & The Spaceape‘s sublime second album Black Sun comes out April 19th on Hyperdub, the seminal electronic label behind Burial, Joker and Zomby that Kode9—born Steve Goodman—founded in 2004. In addition to recording, DJing … read more »

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Stream: Die and Interface f. William Cartwright, “Bright Lights (Joker Remix)”

The purple one takes on a very Knight Rider-ed out modern R&B number. Joker dismantles the big crunch of the original and reconstitutes it in his language of epic squalls and g-funk arpeggios. Stream: Die … read more »

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