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GEN F: Joy Orbison

One night, Peter O’Grady played one of his tracks for a friend. They’d been discussing auditory-visual synesthesia, a phenomenon in which people see colors as a response to sound. “This one is kind of a … read more »

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Todd Edwards, "I Might Be" (Joy Orbison Remix) MP3

We just want to say we’re having our late passes up and waving high on this one. We’re aware we’re little behind but hey its our blog we can do whatever we want! Just kidding … read more »

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Todd Edwards, “I Might Be (Joy Orbison RMX)” MP3

Wonder how it feels to be a talented upstart (Joy Orbison) remixing a venerable garage producer (Todd Edwards)? Nerve-wracking, maybe, but Joy Orbison approaches no task with shaky hands, knowing both when to remix with … read more »

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The FADER Issue 66 Podcast MP3

Nicki Minaj says: These bitches so cranky/ Give ’em a hanky. Beloved FADER blog reader: Download our podcast and don’t let that be you. Don’t get gassed by Nicki Minaj! She’s a very joyous woman, … read more »

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The FADER Issue 66 Free Download

We’ve heard from a few people—more than a few actually—surprised at our choice of cover stars for FADER #66. This shock is not over the individual artists, but over their juxtaposition. This is what FADER … read more »

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Joy Orbison, “Brklyn Clln (Michna Remix)” MP3

Despite his UK base, we think of Joy Orbison as a Williamsburg Bridge kind of guy. But Michna has apparently (re)claimed his brand of preppy house™ for south Brooklyn with his “Brooklyn Bridge” remix of … read more »

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Stream: Joy Orbison, “The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Actress’ Neu Haus So-Glo Mix)”

The original poetic title of Joy Orbison‘s new soothing house single is the perfect linguistic analog to its remix’s crassly titled and nerve wracking production. One is a hot bath, the other a dip in … read more »

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Video: Joy Orbison, “BRKLYN CLLN”

We were in a New York dim sum warehouse holding a glowstick rather cannily this past Friday and we thought the fellow dancing fireflies around us looked lovely and/or a bit out of control—but that … read more »

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Stream: Joy Orbison, “BRKLN CLLN”

Joy Orbison just dropped this zig-zaggy 2-step track as a twelver on his own label Doldrums, continuing his hot streak of warm, rhythmic, out-the-box bangers, along with his disdain for vowels (we kinda want him … read more »

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Joy Orbison Mix for Brooklyn Radio (With Unreleased Jams)

“Joy Orbison” sounds like a dad joke. And, if your dad is from the Bronx or Long Island and grew up on Latin house or self-tanner and freestyle, he probably thinks it’s funny that you … read more »

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