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Chicago Juke Legends Storm New York, Give Away New Tracks

If you were at the Cove on Thursday night, you’re probably still picking up pieces of your brain and trying arrange them back into the way they were on Wednesday. If you weren’t, and you … read more »

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Total Freedom’s Ghe20 Gothik and Leatherface’s Footwork Mixtapes

Somewhere along the line the devil arose from his shadowy canopy bed of bone and black silk, flossed his horns and turned all of his attention to juke and crunk, finally seeing their true brimstone … read more »

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Freeload: Kontinental Gangstas’ Juke Mix

We’ve been feeling deep lust for the Brick Bandits’ massive collective take on Jersey club music and bangin regional dancefloor genres from other far-flung locales, and we are also impressed that a crew that makes … read more »

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Feature: On the Floor with Chicago’s Juke DJs

Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway has been undergoing heavy repairs for the past few years, and the construction makes rush hour a slow crawl at best. Traffic got so bad that the Illinois Department Of Transportation … read more »

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